Xbox executive Marc Whitten heading to Sonos after 14 years with Microsoft

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Microsoft's Chief Product Officer of Xbox, Marc Whitten, will be leaving the company to fill the role of Chief Product Officer for Sonos. The remainder of the Xbox team will remain intact with Whitten's team now reporting directly to Terry...

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TS Evangelist
Am I the only person who is thinking "Who/What is Sonos?" lol never heard of them... the paycheck must be bigger...

Raoul Duke

"Two top Microsoft executives reporting directly to new CEO Satya Nadella are leaving the company, Executive vice president of business development Tony Bates will leave immediately, and executive vice president of marketing Tami Reller will leave after a transition period" and now Chief Product Officer of Xbox is leaving MS.
Am I reading too much into this? Maybe it's normal 'restructuring' since no one directly connected with Win 8 "modern UI' fiasco is leaving