Xbox Series X port selection revealed in alleged leaks


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Last month, we came to know that the Xbox Series X was out in the wild, and one had become Phil Spencer's primary console at home. Shortly afterward, we got our first look at the console and came to know its official name during the Game Awards.

Speculation around the device's hardware has since been high, and while many could easily make out details on the front (Xbox button, disc slot, USB-A port) from the official photos, the console's rear has been kept under wraps.

That may no longer be the case, though, thanks to a set of leaked images showing closeups of the front and back of the console, along with what is reportedly a valid serial number and barcode of the prototype.

The photos were also posted on Neogaf and "are authentic of the hardware," says Thurrot's Brad Sams. They reveal the console's rear vents and port selection, including two USB-A ports, ethernet, optical audio port (S/PDIF), HDMI-out, and a figure 8 power socket.

The prototype lacks an HDMI-in for passthrough, suggesting that the Series X won't be carrying over this port from the current-gen Xbox. The large rectangular slot is for diagnostics reporting, according to Sams, and is unlikely to appear on the console's final version, which could also differ from this alleged prototype in several other ways.

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No USB-C, no Displayport, very forward-thinking.
People like you are funny. They complain that the Xbox is too much like a PC, but then they demand that it have every type of connector under the sun. First of all USB-C is not very wide spread except maybe on cellphones. Second, why would a console have Displayport? It's meant to be connected to a TV where HDMI is paramount. I mean, while you're at it why don't you complain that it's missing a Thunderbolt connector, eSATA connector, and 10GbE connector!