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Jan 3, 2010
  1. Please bear with me, as I'm new to this forum and this topic may have been covered already. My son complained that whenever the phone rang (2.4g wireless phone) his xbox live connection would drop out. So, for Christmas, we got him the new "N Wireless Aapter", as we already have an "N" Wireless Router. He states that it still happens, whenever the phone rings, he loses his connection to xbox live. Can the xbox wireless n adapter be set up to ignore the 2.4g signal and only connect to the 5g signal? Would this solve the problem? How would i go about this if so? Thank you in advance to anyone who could help.

    PS- Microsoft's troubleshooting drill down page states that in some cases, the best conncection is a wired connection. How could this be? The slowest computer on our home network connects at 140mbps on the wireless n network. the best wired connection is 100 mbps (excluding the gigabit connections). I don't think the xbox has a gigabit port, does it? Thanks again- heatman5
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    Do you have filters installed near your telephone wall outlets?
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    thanks for the reply, no, i don't have filters. what type of filters and where do i buy them?
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  5. heatman5

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    Thank you for your replies. I have verizon fios internet. there's no problem with the phone. the phone continues to operate properly no matter what. the problem is with the xbox wireless adapter. when the phone receives an incoming call, the xbox loses it's wireless connection. i don't see phone filters having any effect, but if you've had the same situation, and it solved the problem, let me know. thanks again
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    lol if u hav a nromal phone like hoockt up with out aadsl fillter it will drop when da phone rings XD
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