XFX HD 4850 clicking noise, High temp and then PC crashes


Sorry for the long post but I wanted to provide as much info as possible for a better solution.

I have been experiencing strange clicking sounds [please see link] coming from my XFX HD 4850 lately [or it can be from PSU?].

I have been using this card since 2009 [5 years].

It used to be very rare, only at bootup, but ever since I have started playing Bioshock infinite, it has become much more frequent.

Initially I did not get any problems playing, but last time I could only manage 1 hr and then 30 mins before pc crashed.

Today when I started the pc, there was not any of that sound, but after 40 minutes the hideous sound started and after few seconds pc shutdown.

This happened again and again with shorter time frames.

Interesting thing is I did not even played the game, was only browsing the potential problem on the net.

Turns out it can either be:

-Some hindrance in fans spinning
-Coil whine
-PSU problem

I couldn't pinpoint the exact problem, I tried listening to it very closely, could only guess that it was coming from gpu, it also seemed very hot.

Using GPUz, I started monitoring and gpu temp went from 60-70C range to 119C within 25 minutes before it shut down! So it seems gpu is the reason.

I put a bit of load [23%] on gpu by emulating a game in pj64 during that time.

I had got my power outlets checked by a voltmeter few days ago, the electrician said they were fine.

My desktop airflow is good, never had a high temp problem with my cpu and 1 side of the cover is always open.

My questions are:

-Can I underclock my gpu so that it consumes less power?

-Do I need to install ccc, since I haven't earlier?

-I used an air blower a couple of months ago and also cleaned the gpu with a brush, did'nt find much dust or any object blocking the fans.

I can't rma since I had a bad time doing that in the last few times[other h/w, long wait]. Also I don't have a built in gfx with this build.

What do you suggest?


Link[screens and audio]:

GPUZ min/max temps:

Date , GPU Core Clock [MHz] , GPU Memory Clock [MHz] , GPU Temperature [°C] , Fan Speed (%) [%] , Fan Speed (RPM) [RPM] , GPU Load [%] , GPU Temp.(DISPIO) [°C] , GPU Temp.(MEMIO) [°C] , GPU Temp.(SHADERCORE) [°C] , Memory Usage (Dedicated) [MB] , Memory Usage (Dynamic) [MB] , VDDC [V] ,

2014-12-03 08:50:03 , 165.0 , 990.6 , 64.0 , 57 , 1114 , 0 , 64.5 , 68.5 , 68.0 , 8 , 8 , 1.258 ,

2014-12-03 09:22:55 , 165.0 , 990.6 , 119.0 , 100 , 135 , 9 , 119.5 , 123.5 , 121.5 , 30 , 30 , 1.258 ,


After I cleaned my pc again with air blower and also the gpu separately, tested the system.

Starting temps were better [from 60c instead of 75c] and biggest difference was the dramatic reduction in fans rpm [previously 262 and now 50-70 rpm] and noise.

But bad news is during those 15-20 mins, the gpu temps kept rising again [even at 0% gpu load], and once I put a bit of load on gpu [15-20%, via pj64 emulater] it rised to 120c before pc shutdown again.

So does it means I have to apply thermal paste too? Or can this be fixed if I update the gpu driver?

Please, any solutions/suggestions wil be really appreciated.


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I'm having a bit of trouble following (more than likely my fault). What is the GPU fan speed during load?

If the RPM's seem normal, it could be thermal bond in the thermal paste that is broken.
If the fan speed doesn't appear to be normal, the fan itself could be broken.
Thanks for the reply!

I think they were b/w 50-70%

The fan is working, especially after cleaning the gpu thoroughly.

So it must be the thermal paste? How to fix the thermal bond?

Currently I can't even use my pc for more than 20 mins w/o it shutting down [gpu temp reacher to 120c]

It keeps rising even when I don't play any games!
The fan is not working at all now, no rpm what so ever. Now it reaches that temp [abt 120c] quicker, around 10 mins before pc shuts.

If I was able to buy a new gpu I would in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I am not in a position to invest even that much money.

So it seems the only way is to get the fan replaced, any recommendations/advice for that?

Again, really appreciate your help.


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I think that you have posted the problem on the techpowerup forum and the advice was all good just as on here. Replace the graphics card which has provided you with five years gaming or research a new fan for the gpu and renew the thermal paste. You've had your money's worth with the graphics card. It's a bad idea to buy extra case fans when the gpu is on its last legs.