XP 3200+ Overclocking

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Aug 11, 2005
  1. Vigilante

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    I would venture to guess that the lower voltage heats up more because the CPU is drawing more power then it is outputting, which causes heat. Ever try plugging an underamped adapter into a device? The device tries to draw more power through the adapter then it can push, and it heats up REAL quick!
  2. etherga

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    I dunno, my 3400+ oc'd a measly 7% and i noticed reduced loadtimes for programs/games. Put that 7% along with the huge OC on my vid card and it made night and day difference.

    You never know until you try!
  3. Extreme

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    I don't know? I have just been reading alot about the new AMD processors being superlocked, and I figured that because the chips I have are 05' chips that they are superlocked. Which means that the L5 bridge thing won't work. If I am wrong then someone let me know and I will mod these chips.
  4. Tedster

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    you are correct. most of the newer production chips are locked. Overclocking is not profitable for chip manufactuers. Why buy a better chip if the one you got can be overclocked.

    Now some chips are purposely sold unlocked. The FX series for example. This is because they are sold as "experimental".
  5. Extreme

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    Yes, but how do you KNOW that they are experimental? I mean do you have some kind of connection with AMD or something? Just wondering cause you seem to know what you are talking about. There has to be a way of unlocking these kinds of chips. It is electronics. There is always a way to get around the Bullsh*t. Just have to find it.
  6. Tedster

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    because they are advertised as such!

    any CPU that is advertised as being for a "gamer" by AMD is sold with overclocking in mind.

    The CPUs that are not sold as such are also not advertised as being overclockable. Finding a standard CPU that is overclockable is the name of the game. Only certain serial numbers and production batches are overclockable with some CPUs. Early Athon 2500+ XP CPUs for example. After a while AMD caught on that people weren't buying the 3200+ XP series because the early 2500s could be overclocked to that speed.
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Well, I've heard about these "super locked" CPUs but I haven't had any problems with my Athlon XPs.

    I don't fill the pits between any bridges, however, just paint with conductive paint around them.

    I also had to modify L6 bridge to get a proper multiplier to boot with my mainboard.

    By the way, my Barton is from week 50, 2004.
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