XP closing slowly if at all

By Badfinger
Dec 11, 2008
  1. I have XP with SP3, did this with SP1 also, so patching did nothing.
    I do a shutdown and it's taking a lot longer to shutdown or restart now.

    Is there a utlity out there that has shown to be bulletproof for clean/fast shutdowns?
    Or perhaps give me the techie shutdown details so I might easily snuff out this problem?

    Right now, if I have lootdb running it hangs and never even shuts down until that program is ended, that's just an aside, it's still taking 2 mins or more to shut down when it does without lootdb running.

    I've defragged, I've run some registry cleaners, etc etc, I do not have malware or a virus.
    I use System Suite Pro 9.0 by Avanquest as my firewall, AS/Malware stopper, as well as Spybot: Search and Destroy and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware (both free editions), I can't find anything that is doing this, that is obvious.

    Is there a service shown in services.msc (put that in the RUN box) that is used for this process, that I may have disabled?
  2. Bobbye

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    You start with the basics: everything that starts on boot, runs in the background and has to close on shutdown. Ergo, the less you start with, the less needs to close.

    Only the AV, firewall and touchpad if on laptop need to be on the Start menu.
    You can also prepare the system for shutdown, but don't shut down. Right click on The Taskbar> Task Manager:
    1. How many processes are running>
    2. Is the anything besides taskmgr, System and system Idle which together should add up to 100&, using more than 1-2 in the CPU column? If there is, identify the process and stop it.
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