XP drivers/performance is faster than Vista

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Jun 28, 2009
  1. About a few hours ago, i install the new beta 9.7 catalyst only thing its for xp and not vista. So come to find out, xp drivers suppose to work on vista , so i go to install them and what do you know, they work.

    New CCC is enable too. The amazing thing, Xp performance is about 30% faster than vista. I am getting superior performance in every game i am playing now. So for now on, i plan to use xp drivers with vista 32bit. You guys may want to try it.

    I couldn't record at 1280x1024 in warhead before using vista, now i can record at that resolution with ease. performance has double also.
  2. T77

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    vista is tooo slooooow!
  3. Tha General

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    Well not really, Vista overall is much more stable and faster than XP, however if you want amazing gaming performance, whatever you are using VIsta or not, its better to use XP drivers, because XP is way faster in gaming over Vista.

    Vista isn't slow, just too demanding and i guess the only way you are going to get superior performance in vista, if someone has a very high end card, and over 4GB of ram and a beast of a rig. Good thing i am using XP drivers now, now i got a performance boost haha.
  4. LinkedKube

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    Your xp drivers are quite different from the vista drivers, the vista drivers contain file sequencing for DX10, xp drivers do not, that's why xp drivers are faster. You system can't handle the more "graphically superior." driver.
  5. Tha General

    Tha General TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,106

    Well looks like i will continue to use xp drivers on vista than haha. :)
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