XP Freezes while running old applications

By sethbest
Oct 18, 2008
  1. This problem began occuring recently, and as such I am assuming it has to do with either windows updates, or an alternately running program or process.

    Windows XP home has been reseting while im using old applications, windowed dos, or win32 applications, unexpectedly. I set windows to not reset on critical errors so now it just hangs. No mouse movement, unresponsive to ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab. The event viewer displays no errors during this time period, and i have been getting no "windows was improperly shut down" errors on startup.

    This has occasionaly occured in the past whilst running xp applications, but only very rarely, and as such may have been an unrelated error.

    Note that this does not occur during all old applications, also that I attempted to run under a restricted profile unsuccessfuly to see if the problem would occur with none of my personal background apps running, apperantly windows will not allow any of the applications to run without admin privelieges.

    When these specific applications are run on my other computers they have no problems.

    Also worth noting that i have recently had a huge virus infection, at the same time as an external hd failure, though the only way i can see this affecting this issue is that i am running different antivirus software now (avg instead of windows defender).

    Ill be running disk cleanup and defrag overnight to see if that helps at all, and maybe some registry cleaners. I hope someone can help, i dont know where to even begin looking for the problem here.
  2. kimsland

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    I wonder if this HardDrive has also got an issue (physically, bad spots etc)
    You could run a Drive Diagnostics on it to confirm (making sure to backup first)

    Or due to previously having many Viruses removed, the Windows system files have now been corrupted (somewhere!)
    You could run sfc /scannow to repair that issue (But I'd suggest uninstalling AVG first).

    Actually if this is the free version of AVG, please try a Free Antivirus like Avast or Avira

    One last option, would be to run Memtest on your Ram

    That just about covers it :)
  3. sethbest

    sethbest TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 79

    all good tips, thanks.

    I actualy was running some hd checking utilities after i posted, and it was causing the hanging, with a blue screen error. At this point i assumed it was to do with my bios, since i ran a few memtests and they came back fine. So i installed the newest version of all software involving my nforce 680 mobo only to restart to a bluescreen error, "failed to initialize video drivers". This obviously is a new issue now and i'll have to make a new thread, but basicaly i cant boot in windows or safemode, windows repair dosn't fix the problem, but i was able to install another version of xp and used it to paste in all the drivers from my system 32 folder into the other os, but the blue screen still comes up.

    I think the original problem actualy may have had something to do with overheating, since my fanspeed application is showing something under the name of "remote" running at 90 degrees celsius, though i dont know why it picks and chooses when to freeze only on certain applications.

    ps- on another board i found that the "failed to initialize" problem had been caused by a beep.dll file, but upon replacing it this error has not subsided for me.
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