XP hangs up while installing OS to a Seagate SATA drive

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Sep 6, 2008
  1. Hello guys,

    I have an issue regarding my internal hard drive while installing Windows XP professional SP1 (re-installation disk).

    I have a new Seagate 250GB OEM SATA internal HDD and I want to use this drive for my SQL server using an HP a6110n desktop PC with a SATA HDD. Windows XP is my preferred OS since SQL server 2005 works better on non-vista OS.

    Ok here is the problem, I installed Windows XP to my Seagate HDD and along the process of installation around the 34 minute mark, it hanged up, I tried 5 times (reinstalled, repartitioned) and still hanged up.

    I tried to google if there's any solution and found similar issues in the net regarding the seagate drive and I think it has got to do with some HD SATA controller drivers or whatever.

    Can you guys out there help me out? My last option is to return back the drive and probably buy a refurbished windows XP box for this purpose but I believe there's a solution to this issue. Hope you can help me out, thanks :)
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    Dont you have to press F6 at the start of the install and load the SATA drivers for it.

  3. du9gvu

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    Hi there, unfortunately I can`t find a SATA driver for my seagate and I`ve been searching for its driver but no luck. There`s no included cd when I bought the HDD from futureshop. Any tips where I can get it? I tried to search at Seagate site still no luck.
  4. AdvancedSetup

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    You need a SATA driver for your controller not the hard drive you have. Look on your motherboard site for drivers.

    You could try doing a slipstream of XP SP3 onto a CD and see if that works but unless Microsoft included generic drivers in the SP then it won't work either, but you could try pretty easy to do. Just Google slipstream SP and you should find a lot of hits on how to do it.
  5. du9gvu

    du9gvu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey, got some update from Seagate customer support, most Barracuda HDDs don't need SATA drive controller it will just fall into place when installed and most motherboards will easily detect it. Of course it needs partitioning to be able to have Windows XP installed but you know what I just had my HDD replaced this evening from Futureshop, no questions asked. But when i re-installed Windows XP, it hanged up exactly the same as the first HDD.

    The friendly Seagate customer support tech told me the Windows XP Pro installer might be the culprit because any OS can format and install the system into any Barracuda and other SATA models.

    Hmm your advise regarding slipstream might come handy, I'm now in working on it, thanks for the advise. I'll keep you posted :)
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