XP Home on Asus netbook: How to change the language?

By hanz
Nov 24, 2009
  1. Hi

    I just bought a Netbook 10.1" ASUS and it got XP Home operating system and it in Arabic and I would like to change it to English but I could not and I tried through a friend to put XP Pro and there was a problem says that I got problem with the memory knowing that the RAM is 1G and hard desk is 160 G

    Any help or advice for such situation.

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    or if u have another pc, that is english, u can go into the control panel on one pc, and see what buttons to click on , for the other pc...

    1. cont panel
    2. reginal & language option
    3. change all 3 tabs to US, english... " Regional options & languages & advanced tab"

    hope this helps
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