XP home PC can't see XP pro on network

By myviolinsings
Oct 8, 2008
  1. I just did a fresh install on my new sata hd, but my old IDE had wxp home, and I decided to go with pro. Previously my laptop, connecting through a wireless router has been networked with my home pc/printer. Since the new install though, no matter if I even type in the exact path under add a new network place, I only get a message that windows requires a share to publish.

    I thought maybe it was that stuff at the end of network setup about needing to run the setup disk on all computers on network, but I can't make a setup disk as I don't have a floppy and that's the only option other than use wxp disk and, obviously, they are different versions. (Even my file and settings transfer in pro failed to be able to bring my stuff of old ide drive as it sees importing from an older version of the utility.)

    The thing is, my home pc (with the xp pro) can see my laptop places and access them. It's only the laptop (with xp home) that has the issue.

    Help! I at least need to be able to print to my home office printer from laptop. Is there a fix?

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