XP install problem

By dahernandez
Feb 22, 2009
  1. Ok Like I mentioned in another post I lost my XP key so I wanted to install a different os just to have the computer as space to back up my files from my other computer. However anytime I turn on the computer it goes straight into finishing the install of XP it goes for a few minutes then comes to the place where I have to enter the cd key which I don't have. I have tried booting from other cd's but it goes straight back into the XP install. On startup its an HP blue screen with no options to hit f12 or esc to enter boot menu I hit them anyways and nothing. It seems like it starts to go to a black screen that says press any button to boot from cd but then boom right away goes right back into the XP install. any ideas?
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  3. dahernandez

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    I think maybe you misunderstood me, I'm not trying to install an illegal version of XP, I have an older 98 or I was thinking of installing linux but it goes straight to finish the previous XP install that I couldn't finish because I lost my cd key.
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    You just need to remove the current Partition (of half done XP install)
    Ironically any XP disc will do that (it's part of the initial install, of which you just cancel once the Partition is manually deleted)

    Or use a free Live CD like Gparted to delete the Partition
    Once the Partition is removed, you can then install whatever OS you want to put on it
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