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XP Pro freezing up

By athensdj
Oct 28, 2009
  1. Hello!

    Out of the blue my Pc starts to freeze up. Ctrl+ALt+DEL does not work. Even after a complete format and clean install I still have the same problem. I can copy files to and from c:/ drive, fully update windows, install programs,
    write text docs, etc without any freezing up...

    All my programs & hardware function perfectly but a few minutes into using any apps even surfing, Mr. Freeze!!! My cpu temp is 34/celsius as my Mb is 39/celsius. All my fans are functioning well as is the processor fan. All device manager and bios show absolutely no problems.

    I can access c: and all my 10 drives on the freezing pc via other home network computers and play mpeg files from the freezing pc source.

    If I play them directly on the Problem Pc @ question they freeze within a few minutes.

    I suspect my c:/drive is ready to give out!!! I doubt the M/B is at fault, I hope, and I'm sure it's not the os, it's original+legal xp pro sp 2 used 4yrs now.

    ANY IDEAS PLEASE!!! I don't feel like getting a new hdd
    formatting and having the same problems again.

    The C drive is seagate st3250620a. I ran seagate diagnostic tool. Smart, short test & short generic test all passed. Can't run the long tests because, After installing network frame and diagnostic app and running the above tests the Pc started to freeze again.
    Had downloaded the software on another pc. Basically I have a 10-15 min working time line then MR. Freeeze...
    I guess the Hdd theory would have been the fastest and easiest solution for me but...

    coolermaster tower
    intel core 2 cpu 6600 @ 2.4 ghz 3.0 ram
    asus commando mother board
    1 x gforce nividia 7600 sli disabled
    1 x promise sata controller 300
    1 x sata controller 2300
    1 x asus xonar d1 sound card
    1 x asus tv tuner
    10 hdd sata hdd's western+seagate
    xp pro sp3 (fully updated)

    Power Supply Tanga 700
    Voltage warning Enabled
    Vcore voltage 1.296
    Fsb termination
    voltage 1.232
    Nb vcore 1.312
    Ddr voltage
    termination 0.976
    sb chip set 1.056
    sb stata pci 3.328
    5v 5.017
    12v 11.932

    If it was malware wouldn't that disappear with a format
    and clean install. I'm very stumped frustrated & wanna
    throw the dam thing out the window...

    George P.
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