XP Pro - won't load login screen

By joesmith1806
Mar 7, 2009
  1. Hi,
    Im using windows xp pro sp3, ive just recently had a trojan. I've used pctools internet security to get rid of it which it said it did. The next time i went to reboot after the xp loading screen my screen went black with a movable curser. Safe mode still works fine tho ive noticed system restore dosnt work! i choose a date to restore then go to click next but the next button dosn't respond.
    Ive looked around the web and tryed a few answers with no sucsess some of which were:

    my loginui.exe may have been missing, (it wasnt) just to be safe a replaced it with a copy from a working xp pro machine.

    I tryed to fix the "next" button in sys restore by making sure i had the right permissions in the sys registry. (i did but still the button dosnt work)

    finally i tryed last known good configuration but still it did not load the login screen.

    if any one could help shed some light on the problem i would most appreciate it =)
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