XP SP2 Loading Issue

By Moshingmonkey
Mar 27, 2008
  1. Hi all, I have recently upgraded a customers computer for them and am experiencing a problem with Xp sp2 on loading.
    After the installation of all of the parts i reinstalled Xp sp2 and re-installed all of his software, returned it to him and trundled on home.
    The next day i get a phone call from him telling me that when booting Xp sp2 after the loading bar is displayed and just before the welcome page is displayed the system displays a blank page for 2-3 minutes. During this period there is no activity anywhere on the computer i believe even the keyboard led's go out. Then after 2 - 3 minutes the hdd led starts flashing and normal activity is resumed and windows loads normally.
    When i use safemode or any other boot option the system hangs on mup.sys then after 2 - 3 minutes loads normally.
    This problem has just lept up out of the blue, When i had the computer here with me it literally rocketed through the boot sequence with no problems.

    If anyone has any suggestions on what could be causing this problem and what i can do about it I would be most grateful as i am at a loss. Thanks.

  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    Try updating your BIOS to the latest version and run a repair installation of Windows if the issue still exists afterward.
  3. windmill007

    windmill007 TS Rookie Posts: 308

    I had a simular problem after installing updated motherboard drivers before. Ended up going back to a earlier version and it seemed to corrrect the issue.
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