xp unresponsive after access violations

By gheft
Sep 21, 2007
  1. Whenever my computer has an access violation (which happens quite frequently when I'm trying to debug my programs) my cursor turns into an hourglass and my computer becomes completely unresponsive, except for moving the mouse, forcing me to reboot.
    If it happens when I'm running a program by debugging in Microsoft visual studio it sometimes makes my computer semi-responsive, the computer runs at normal speed but I can ONLY do the following things:
    open the task manager with ctrl-alt-del.
    open the start menu, with windows key.
    start key+m (minimize) minimizes all windows except visual studio
    use shortcut keys on the top of my keyboard to open my computer, open media player, change volume, play etc.

    the mouse moves but won't click and I can't alt-f4 or anything else so I'm forced to restart again.

    the normal response to this type of thing should just be a windows error message closing the program right?

    anyway I've probably restarted 10 times today, so I would be extremely happy if there was a way to fix this.
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