Yahoo backs Google's move to end censorship in China

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Yahoo has responded to Google's move yesterday to end censorship in China after discovering a series of attacks that compromised the accounts of human rights activists. In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo said it would back Google's decision.

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This is a good bandwagon to jump on right now. I hope more search providers do the same.


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guess i should edit that last.... when i mean screw china...I mean their government... NOT the poor bastages that live there....


We won't hear any complaints from Microsoft. Looks Like the Chicoms will be stuck with Bing and Baidu.


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Wendig0 said:
This is a good bandwagon to jump on right now. I hope more search providers do the same.

Agreed. Although I don't see MS doing anything until a large number of providers already hop on. I hope I'm wrong, but that really does seem like MS's style.


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Yahoo didn't mention anything about the attacks because they already are controlled by the government since they sold their chinese operations.
BTW i also heard that the white house is also giving google their support. i wonder how China is going to respond.


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It says Yahoo is backing Google, but it says nothing about whether or not they are going to try to fight censorship in China with their search engine.

I like their stand, but are they us just blowing hot air??


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I visited China a few years back and although it was a wonderful country with a mysterious and grand history, welcoming people and interesting culture, it was very, very clear to me that the people are oppressed and to some degree even brainwashed. There is quite clearly dissatisfaction among the people with the current regime but it is dealt with using harsh and barbaric retaliation. People actually fear to speak out, those that do simply vanish. The presence of the army was felt almost everywhere in Beijing and I actually saw them take away a woman in a big van who shouted out something in protest. People have actually been taught that democracy is just not viable in China and in many cases they believe it.

Chinese hacking groups have been continually attacking all the big companies we know and need, Google, Adobe, Yahoo, the list goes on. These attacks are state sponsored. They put massive firewalls in place to keep "bad" information out of the country, and install software such as Green Dam ( ) on PCs by law to control what people can and can't look at. This is not just stuff like porn but information such as on the tiananmen square protests - they just don't want the people to know the truth.

They are clearly ruled by an oppressive and evil regime that even their own people hate and the west is getting sicker and sicker having to pander to.


Censorship is everywhere and not just confined in China. It's just in different forms that people need to recognize.


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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for that wiki link. I never knew about a government project that adheres censorship for obviously potential political leashing. If it was up to me given all the resources in the world, China would have been deemed humanely unconstitutional and taken stripped off this planet.


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Way to go, Yahoo. Good job standing behind Google's decision to not be subject to that dang ***** Chinese dictator. He is a ****-tater for sure.


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Google exiting chinese market is irrelevant for me; as it will like google trying to shoot chinse censorship ghost through their own skull ........ beside there are more things important than just google in life anway ;)


help uncensor twitter in china @yahoo #uncensorchina [insert reason here]
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