Yahoo launches Aviate, a homescreen personalization app for Android

Shawn Knight

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Yahoo's mobile portfolio got a bit more crowded on Monday with the introduction of Aviate, a homescreen personalization app for Android phones featuring a clean layout that automatically organizes your apps for you.

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Maybe google should force its android oem partners to only install stock android and let individual customers to select manufacturer's 'home screen personalization' or from a rival, or nothing at all.
no more excuses for fragmentation.
no more 'lag'.

if the EU can force Microsoft for internet browser ballot, then perhaps it is time for 'forced' touchwiz, sense ui, and similar app to disappear.
what is good for the goose must also be good for the gander.


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I may just check it out after it's received a few upgrades but in all honesty I still can't find any use for Google Now which is a bundled installation on my phone so I really can't see it being of much use to me.


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Oh sure, complain about everything. Win 7 with Bing got trashed, Google is of no use, and Yahoo is for people that don't know any better.

Why don't you all join me in the last century, and stick to land line. I've never missed a smart phone, since I've never owned one.

There's no Starbuck's "app", for a wired phone, but you can buy a "Mr. Coffee" for about 20 bucks. It'll pay for itself halfway though the 2nd visit to Starbuck's. Wanna know the weather, put down the phone and look up.

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