Yahoo Messenger being hacked?

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Jul 2, 2008
  1. Maybe this is not the right forum, but I am wondering is this possible? I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger, in a private message, and someone reportedly hacked the conversation, copied, pasted, and emailed it to my girlfriend. Is this possible, by the average computer user? By just knowing the user's name? McAfee warned it was happening, supposedly, but how was it done? It's either that, or girl I was talking to set me up, lol. My Norton Corporate AV didnt give any indication, but it was discovered the girls end was the problem. I intercepted a message from the supposed hacker, and that is how I became aware first.
  2. I'm guessing the second one haha :D
  3. kimsland

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    lol :)

    Yes it is possible, think of it this way yahoo themselves can check (remotely) why can't others?
    For the average user I'd say no. Unless they weren't hacking Yahoo, but actually running a keylogger (any average user can do)

    As for Norton. You may not have heard, but it's the no. 1 worst Antivirus according to any computer tech.
    Even the free Antivirus software is better, so your choice.

    Mind you Norton AV is not a firewall ofcourse
    You are running a firewall? I hope!
  4. Davidlee48

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    Yes I am on a secure network here at work, which is when this happened. And girl I was talking to would not try to start anything, lol.
  5. jobeard

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    News Flash:

    If you're connected to a LAN and using Windows, then there are tools to
    snoop on all traffic flowing up to, but not beyond the router. The SOLE means
    to avoid snooping is to run an encrypted connection.

    All IM programs are easily 'broken into' (not the same as the above) and this is why
    most companies have policies to restrict the use of IM or at least bring the IM Server
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