You can finally pre-order Apple's $349 HomePod smart speaker


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Apple's upcoming HomePod smart speaker has been a long time coming. Recently given a release date, the $349 device claims to have improved privacy features and superior sound quality compared to its market competitors.

Whether or not this will be enough for Apple to catch up to Amazon and Google's impressive lead in the smart speaker market remains to be seen - as Engadget notes, it won't help that Apple's speaker will be launching without certain basic features, such as multi-room and stereo audio support.

Still, if you own several Apple devices already, purchasing a HomePod could be a particularly enticing idea. Today, you'll finally be able to do just that as the HomePod is now available for pre-order via Apple's website with the device expected to ship out to buyers on February 9. The speaker comes in two colors -- white and space gray -- and you'll be able to add "two years of tech support and accidental damage coverage" via AppleCare+ for an additional $39.

Pre-orders are currently only available to customers based in Australia, the US and the UK. There's no word on the device's potential availability in other countries yet.

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Tim Cook made it clear at a recent press conference, that at last, invasion of privacy was now available at an elevated price point commensurate with the status, of being "allowed" to bend over and touch your toes while an Apple sales associate removes your wallet from your back pocket. (Or at the very least, pushes it aside out of consideration for your comfort).

Well, it stands to "reason", if people were willing to shell out $1000.00 for the latest iPhone, and god knows how much for the damned watch to go along with it, that over $400.00 for the total HomePod package, wouldn't even elicit a blink from the average iSheep..

But remember, Apple is committed to securing your privacy. They proved that by refusing to open a terrorist's iPhone for the FBI.

And just because Timmy was wearing a Santa hat and singing, " I'm going to find out who's been naughty or nice, 'cause HomePod's coming to town", at the conclusion of the press conference, is not cause for alarm, especially in the mind of Apple's "true believers cult".

Now that's some really "fake news",or is it?