You can own a Terminator 2 replica 'EndoArm' for just $175

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If the special edition sounds familiar, it’s because this is the second time it has been put up for pre-orders. The first run got canceled due to reported “problems with production/manufacturing” leaving fans high and dry. Some customers were devastated by the renege.

“I wanted to cry as I would do at the end of T2,” said Arnaud Biry after being notified of the October 2017 cancellation.

Now Biry and others will be getting a second chance to purchase the limited supply item.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for the Terminator 2: Judgment Day Endoarm 4K Ultra HD O-ring Collector's Edition. The highlight of the bundle is a life-size replica arm from a T-800 endoskeleton. The EndoArm comes in a numbered acrylic display case autographed by Director James Cameron.

In addition to the cool prop, purchasers will also receive the following:

  • 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of the theatrical film
  • New Blu-ray disc fully loaded with special features
  • Brand-new 55-minute documentary featuring James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong, and more
  • Deleted scenes with audio commentary
  • 3 versions of the film
  • 2 commentaries and more

The bundle will retail for $175, which seems like a lot, but only 6,000 will be shipped. I would not be surprised to see buyers selling the replica alone on eBay for more than $175 shortly after release.

"6,000 life-sized EndoArm units available in the U.S.A. - once these are gone, they are gone forever!!"

A release date has not been listed, but the item is covered under Amazon's Pre-Order Price Guarantee. In other words, you are not charged until the item ships. This policy also pledges to give you any discounts offered before launch even if you ordered before the price cut went out.

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These days and for such money you can buy similar things that are programmable, and thus way more fun and often useful.

$175 for a stationary replica? In the spirit of the modern robotics, this sucks.

I guess it's Cameron trying to squeeze out extra for his next Avatar flopbuster...

- Deleted scenes with audio commentary
- 3 versions of the film
How about adding a story about Edward Furlong going in and out of rehab like you and I going to a grocery store? Apparently, John Connor has been doing it ever since T2 came out, except during times when he was in prison.

For a movie that's supposed to inspire some sort of a role model, it seems like a big omission.
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I'm surprised it's so cheap, actually. The arm is certainly made of some plastic at that price, but would have been more awesome (and more expensive) if it was made of metal. Terminator fans would buy it.