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Mar 27, 2007
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    'Ambient room temp of 60F' - jeepers - that is one cold room.

  3. Shaw23

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    I downloaded CoreTemp, and after the furst time I ran the program the computer restarted. Now when I try to run it, I get an error that says the processor is not an Intel Product. It is a Pentium D. Any thoughts?
  4. CMH

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    Sorry, I've not ben updating. I'm still not going to update yet, I'm currently on holiday, and the net access I've got is really bad. Keep posting your temps, and I'll update in a couple of days.

    Maybe I'll post some pics of my hols :D
  5. MetalX

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  6. CMH

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    Okay, I've just added all the changes.

    I don't know why it happened, it might just be that the program doesn't support that processor. It seems unlikely though, it could be just a bug, or incompatible with your motherboard, or a whole variety of different reasons.

    In any case, if you've got another program handy (Everest for example), use that. Make sure you have some way of putting your computer on full load, so we can compare idle and load temps.

    Also, please post your temps in the required format, like most of the others have done. Thanks.

    Just a reminder, the format is:
    CPU@speed/Cooler/Volts/idle_temp/load_temp - Your_name
  7. Lengar

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    The Load temp is normal that it goes too, but if oven or drier is on it loads at 56c

    AMD AM2 3800+@2700/Stock/1.45v/43c/50c
  8. mancURmission

    mancURmission TS Rookie

    E6600@3.2GHz/Thermalright Ultra 120/1.325v/32c/48c
  9. ChrisLam

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    I used PC Wizard and got these results:

    CeleronD330@2.7GHz/stock/stock (1.41v)/50-53C/61-63.5C

    Seems really hot. My case has a side vent so the heat drawn from the processor is released but i don't feel a lot of airflow.
  10. Daveskater

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    if there's a fan that points in the general direction of your cpu from the side of the case then i would recommend reversing it so that air is drawn onto the heatsink. i did an experiment by reversing my case fan so it drew air out and the case temp went down (about 1C) but cpu temp went up. if it's just a vent and there's no fan then get some more fans in your case cos that thing is hot! :D
  11. ChrisLam

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    The heat sink and fan for the processor is connected to the side vent so the heat from the processor doesn't go into case. Touching the side of the case underneath the processor seems somewhat warm, but touching the side of the case where the vent is which is over the processor is located seems cool.
  12. Daveskater

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    well i've never heard of that before :D

    i'd say your temps are very high, i'd have a heart attack if my idle temp was 50C :eek:

    it might be worth investing in a zalman cooler or using a different arrangement with your vent and stuff. have you got a pic so i could see properly what it's like?
  13. ChrisLam

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  14. Daveskater

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    oh i see
    it looks quite cool :D

    well then i don't know exactly why the temp is so high if it has a fan blowing straight over it, unless it's blowing out of the case then it would make a big difference. if you felt like it then i'd suggest making a new thread in the cooling/modding forum
  15. CMH

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    I have updated the list. Keep the numbers coming!
  16. thehacker

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    mine is Pentium D 2.8. Idle temp is 44 and load temp is 55.
  17. mica3speedy

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    E6700@3.0GHz/Zalman 9700/1.275v/43c/56c
  18. Lengar

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    Played around a bit and got a bit more out of the Processer

    AMD AM2 3800+ @ 2750Mhz/Stock/43c/52c
  19. spoty4

    spoty4 TS Rookie

    can someone tell me how to run my stock intel cpu fan at its max i have seen it go at 3800rpm but now its just a 2500rpm i think i need to disable the thermostat on the cpu fan (please tell me how)
  20. Stick'o ram

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    I know this might seem low but i've had this on three diffrent motherboards

    Idle: 78 degress f, 26 degrees c

    Load: 86 f, 30 degrees c

    AMD Athlon64 3400+ (the newest one), Venice, 2.4ghz, 90nm, Socket 754

    I only have eight 80mm fans (three exit, two enter, three that keep the airflow on the inside), one 60mm fan (below the dvdrw to keep it cool), one 120mm fan (enter)
  21. spoty4

    spoty4 TS Rookie

    hahaha ONLY 10 fans itl be like a hurricane in there
  22. Nick Lee

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    Just making an update. These were the old ones,
    A64 X2 3800+@2.16Ghz/Stock/Stock/40C/49C - Nick Lee
    A64 X2 3800+@2.16Ghz/Stock/Stock/34C/46C - Nick Lee (cleaned from dust)

    You can erase these and put my new one (I'm staying with this for a while, maybe in a few weeks I'll try and clock it to 3GHz)

    A64 X2 3800+@2.7Ghz/Ultra-120 Extreme/1.45/25C/33C - Nick Lee

    I think this is right, Anyway I might go to 3Ghz in a few weeks... So far it is completely stable except for 1 thing. When I go to launch Bit Comet my computer crashes and shows this blue screen about some memory error.

    Also My computer is a hurricane.
    Rear 80mm x2 (75CFM) (40DB each)
    Front 80mm x3 (35CFM) (20DB), 120mm x1 (106CFM) [Drive bay] (39db)
    Side 80mm x1 (35CFM) (20db)
    CPU Heatsink 120mm (110CFM) (39db)
    But I'm used to it ^_^
  23. CMH

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    I'd have added that, but you forgot voltages.

    I've added it, but what did you do to get load temps?

    Added. 40dB!! Playing CS on that thing in de_dust or something should give you a realistic "background" noise :p
  24. Nick Lee

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    Actually I don't hear them much until I go to bet because the sound goes out the back to the rest of my room. Other than that it gets drowned out by my speakers. So going to bed... loud noise and bright led's actually don't keep me up... wow you think they would. ^_^
  25. Nick Lee

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    I'm sorry the back fans are 49DB not 40 oops ^_^
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