Zotac unveils featured packed A75-based Mini-ITX board


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In perfect synchronicity with Lian Li's new LAN party chassis, Zotac has unveiled its latest Mini-ITX motherboard. Meant to provide the foundation for compact multimedia rigs, the new A75-ITX features…

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captainawesome said:
Some quality HTPC's can come out of this little package!
Heck yeah. One could even build a powerful mobile music-production rig with a board like this. I'll consider it after I've built my monster studio-grade DAW computer this autumn.

- S


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From my experience, whatever Zotac uses for it's internal USB/mini-PCIe wifi cards, they aren't doing it right (bad cards, cruddy reception even with better antennae) and Zotac also has a habit of overloading USB onto these boards to the point of actual failure. That being said I have the old LGA 775 GF 9300 ITX board that I use for a smaller server/multimedia box and I love it. At the same time, glad to see Zotac FINALLY giving some wholesome love to the AMD platform.=p


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Would this provide the same performance as a large form factor board? It's only cut corner is upgradability and has full performance?