Defragmenter Lite/Pro is a utility to automate the necessary steps for an efficient and problem-free disk defrag.

Does your screen saver interfere when you defrag your hard disks?
Does 'Drive's content changed: restarting ...' sound familiar?
Does 'Windows cannot defragment this drive because ...' sound familiar?
Defragmenter Lite/Pro is a one-click solution for all these problems and much more.
Did you know that Windows pagefile (swapfile) is the main reason for results after a disk defrag?

Just click Ok, turn off your screen and go to bed. Defragmenter Lite/Pro will:
Remove the pagefile (swapfile).
Disable running applications.
Run Windows/DOS Scandisk.
Run Windows/DOS defrag disk.
Set the pagefile (swapfile).
Enable running applications.
Shutdown/Restart Windows.

The Pro version includes command line capability for automation purposes.