Hidden Audibles allows you to install and use audibles in Yahoo Messenger that are only available in specific countries only.

After following the step by step instructions includet in the setup you wil get 20 new audibles, each of the containg even more audibles in their category (right click on one and press Find Similar).

Step by step instructions for activating the hidden audibles:

1. Exit Yahoo Messenger before installing anything.

2. Run the setup. (leave the default settings if you installed YM in the default ProgramFiles path)

3. After you finished installing run Hidden Audibles from the shortcut in the start menu and enter your Yahoo Messenger ID.

4. Open Yahoo Messenger and open the audibles bar to the RECENTLY USED. You should see those 20 hidden audibles, but in some cases you are not able to send them yet. If so follow you must do this: exit Yahoo Messenger and then open it again. Now you cand send them.