Easily control the hardware components of your Notebook. Notebook Hardware Control helps you to:

  • prolong the battery lifetime and cool down the system with CPU Voltage Control and ATI Clock Control.
  • full processor speed control with custom dynamic switching and CPU Speed Control (CPU policy)
  • monitor the battery charge level and system temperature.
  • control and monitor the Hard Drive with S.M.A.R.T management, acoustic & advanced power management and Hard Drive temperature monitoring.
  • reduce noise with Notebook FAN Control.

Info: Notebook Hardware Control works on all Notebooks with Intel CPU's. Some features are only available on newer PentiumM CPU's (Centrino).

Notebook Hardware Control

  • Just download the Zip file, extract all files and then run chc.exe.
  • Remove any old version of CHC before you install the new BETA.
  • CHC needs the Microsoft's .NET Framework, don't forget to install it first.

What's New:

  • renamed Centrino Hardware Control (CHC) to Notebook Hardware Control (NHC)
  • NHC start and run faster with the new Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 2.0 Beta 2 or newer
  • add the Professional Edition in Notebook Hardware Control
  • add the possibility to run NHC as service. If NHC runs as service, it starts earlier on windows
  • boot and will be available on all user accounts without limitations.
  • add multiple user profiles. Now you can change all NHC settings with one mouse click.
  • add the possibility to set different profiles on AC line operation and battery operation.
  • add the possibility to switch only between max. and min. Multiplier in the CPU Speed section.
  • add support for all new Pentium M CPU's (also all new low voltage Pentium M)
  • add default pre-configuration in the CPU Voltage section.
  • add the possibility to hide the default windows battery Icon on battery operation.
  • add new battery detection if NHC is running (battery check).
  • add CPU and Hard Disk temperature waring and system shutdown temperature.
  • add multiplie Hard Disk support and expand the Hard Disk detection and support in NHC.
  • add the possibility to show the temperature in Fahrenheit F°.
  • add FAN control compatibility for some newer Notebooks.
  • add Hardware Information section.
  • add Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Installer.
  • add new licence agreement.