Acronis Privacy Expert 8.0 Corporate is a centrally managed anti-spyware solution that proactively protects your organization from spyware infections that can expose confidential information and diminish network and PC performance. 95% of IT managers think that central management is most effective way to deploy an anti-spyware solution.

Key Features and Benefits:
- Central management console - Manages spyware tasks on networked
machines from one central location;
- Spyware removal utility - Removes spyware programs from networked
machines to ensure that outside entities do not obtain access to
internal/confidential data;
- Spyware shield - Proactively monitors systems for suspicious
applications and components and prevents spyware from being installed;
- Spyware updates - Keeps spyware definitions up-to-date;
- Pop-up ad blocker - Ensures that annoying pop-up ads do not interfere
with Web browsing.

Minimum purchase: 25 licenses.