During the Public Beta release period, please report any problems or suggestions on how to improve Qnext using the feedback form on this web site or by using the Feedback link on the product.

As a beta user and by downloading the Qnext software, you agree to the terms and conditions specified in the software license agreement and other agreements posted on the Qnext web site.

Qnext currently offers a single free P2P application with Universal IM (Qnext, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ & IRC), photo sharing, video conferencing, voice over IP, drag and drop file transfers, online games, file sharing and remote PC access. All of our services are Java plug-ins that "hang-off" our P2P core. You can imagine that we have dozens of new services in the pipe including music streaming, application sharing, productivity tools, etc.

You get all of the functionality of Skype, but with capabilities that go far beyond what can be achieved by any other "presence-enabled" product. You can not only talk to your personal contacts by placing a video or voice call, you can securely transfer a file of any size and set-up shared folders and photo sharing sections that are accessible only on a permission-basis.

Everything is 192 bit encrypted and true P2P and no server ever touches a packet of data. We have a seriously cool app going on over here and there are users now in over 60 countries around the globe.

System Requirements
Qnext requires that your computer have these minimum requirements:

Pentium III 500 MHz 128 MB of RAM 40 MB of available hard disk space

Operating System:
Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
MAC OSX (coming soon)