Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable 54.0.1

Run Firefox from your removable/USB drive.

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Portable Firefox is a fully functional package of Firefox optimized for use on a USB key drive. It has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your USB key as well as a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work as you switch computers. It will also work from a CDRW drive (in packet mode), ZIP drives, external hard drives, some MP3 players, flash RAM cards and more.

What's New:

  • New VP9 video decoding implemented
  • New Mac OS X: Notification Center support for web notifications
  • New Volume control for HTML5 audio/video
  • New Support for Opus in WebM
  • Changed Now that spdy/3 is implemented support for spdy/2 has been removed and servers without spdy/3 will negotiate to http/1 without any penalty
  • Developer Support for MathML 2.0 'mathvariant' attribute
  • Developer Background thread hang reporting
  • Developer Support for multi-line flexbox in layout
  • Fixed Various security fixes

Known Issues

  • Unresolved Echo cancellation on fails (see 974537)
    • Unresolved on v28 but resolved in v29
  • Unresolved Text Rendering Issues on Windows 7 with Platform Update KB2670838 (MSIE 10 Prerequisite) or on Windows 8.1 has a workaround (see 812695)

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