The mother of all tweaker

X-Setup Pro is a so-called "tweaker" program; it allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in Windows fast and easily. There are many hidden settings in Windows as well as in a lot of other programs and normally you can't change them.

2,000 settings

X-Setup Pro knows 2,000 of these settings and displays them in an easy to use interface, grouped by several aspects (Figure 1). Simply choose what you want to tweak, select the setting in question, make your change and hit the "Apply" button. It's that easy.

Even if you normally not consider changing hidden settings since you simply want to have your computer up and working, give X-Setup Pro a try. It includes some settings that fix some of the glitches found in Windows and other programs. You fret the massive Balloon tips that suddenly appear in Windows XP? Easily turn them off with X-Setup Pro. Your homepage in Internet Explorer does not stick? You have been homepage-hijacked - fix it with X-Setup Pro.

Not only does X-Setup Pro offer all these settings, it has been created with the requirements of the user in mind. For example, Windows does not include any program that allows you to control all aspects of the computer startup, like which programs should be started automatically, how does the login window should look like etc. X-Setup Pro includes the Startup/Shutdown category which includes every aspect of the startup or shutdown process and allows you to take finally control over it (Figure 3).

Settings for any Windows version

The settings X-Setup Pro offers not only include any Windows version ever available (Windows 95 to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise), but also a lot of programs settings as well. Regardless if you want to lock down your Internet Explorer, make Acrobat Reader to start faster, control the security aspects of your computer, change Microsoft Office 2000, XP or 2003 settings: X-Setup Pro is there and helps you to gain control.

Features for all your needs

Of course these are not all features of X-Setup Pro: It offers you browser-like navigation, brings a lot of Wizards, allow you to generate *.REG files for the fly for mass-deployment, offers Automatic Updates. For a complete listing of the features of X-Setup Pro, please see Features.

Tweak another user or machine

The features "Load computer registry" and "Load user registry" allow X-Setup Pro to apply changes more than 1,900 settings to a different user or even a different computer. Using these features, you can easily lock down a different user on the same computer without the fear to lock down your own user also.

For use in a preinstalled environnemt

Using BartPE (PEBuilder) together with X-Setup Pro let you create your own bootable CD and change the settings of a user and/or the computer on the system without ever installing X-Setup Pro.

Easy to use and clutter free

X-Setup Pro is clutter free, easy to use, extensible, powerful, covers any aspect of your computer and more configuration options than any other tweaker - Simply the ultimate tool for Black Belt system tuning!

You won't regret the decision to use X-Setup Pro

X-Setup Pro is a great utility, simply read this quote from one of our customers: "X-Setup is to all other tweakers like a truckload of bricks is like to a pebble...".