Discover the secrets of Aveyond. Quest across a vast and beautiful world brimming with danger, adventure, and amazing treasures as you race against time to save your kingdom from a triage of powerful demons. Aveyond is a light-hearted role-playing adventure game packed with more than 80
engrossing quests, tons of secrets to uncover, and an enchanting atmosphere.

Your actions during the game will determine your fate: become a powerful ruler, a hermit, or evil incarnite. In the game, you will meet hundreds of interesting characters, and if you're lucky enough, some might agree to accompany you on your quest. Additional great features include the ability
to join guilds, buy a house, dig up graves, be devious or good, get married, ride dragons, and more.

Finally, there are several goodies that you can download at Amaranth Games ( to enhance your game play. This includes cheats, easter eggs, hint guides, a support forum, art palace, and several other fun things.