True Launch Bar is a great utility with an impressive design that comes in your help.

However, the True Launch Bar is fully compatible with Quick Launch because it uses the same folder for shortcuts. But there is one huge difference. True Launch Bar allows you to combine your shortcuts into groups. This feature looks like popup menus.

This vastly improves the management of your shortcuts and save working space on your desktop. By using True Launch Bar, you speedup the launching of your applications like never before. See screen shots to see True Launch Bar at work.

True Launch Bar has many flexible settings. You may configure just the way you like it. The Auto popup menus on mouse hover option (with adjustable time) allows you to run shortcuts with one click. Large icons make your work more comfortable on large screen resolutions.

True Launch Bar fully supports Windows Drag&Drop technology. You can easily create new popup menus. Simply right-click on True Launch Bar and select Create menu. After creating the new menu you can easily drag your shortcuts to this new submenu.

You can use hot keys to launch applications from True Launch Bar. As well as add separators into True Launch Bar, helping you to group shortcuts inside menus or the toolbar.


  • Compatibility with standard Quick Launch (unique)
  • Grouping links into popup menus
  • Full support of Windows XP Visual Styles
  • Virtual Folders (unique)
  • Separators
  • Improved separators (unique)
  • Recently accessed button
  • Thumbnails View (unique)
  • Drag & Drop
  • Hot keys
  • Run your shortcuts without click (unique)
  • Skins
  • Fast toolbar switching (unique)
  • Related Links (unique)
  • Protection (unique)
  • Plugins (unique)
  • Support Windows XP-style icons (unique)
  • Auto-sensing toolbar (unique)
  • Overlay Images on menu (unique)
  • Multi column layout (unique)
  • Hot keys manager
  • Backup/Restore toolbar
  • Easy installing of skins
  • Improved tips (unique)
  • Support PNG images as icon
  • Using 3 state PNG image as button (unique)
  • Redistributing toolbars
  • Context menu templates
  • Integration with StartKiller (unique)

What's New:

  • Added download link for Beta vesrion (6.6.8 RC2)
  • Added the hotspot size/offset options for auto-hide menus into Customize Menu dialog box


  • It is possible to drag toolbar tag out off toolbar position
  • Backup/Restore dialog boxes can appear under all windows