Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice.

While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. This allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications that have been configured into WPI.

What's New:

  • More font installer improvements.
  • Fixed Conditions not being added.
  • Organized features page.
  • Fixed progress bar not being saved.
  • Fixed installer background not being saved.
  • Organized global_lang and fixed errors in it.
  • Added COMSPEC to information pane.
  • Added PowerSchemes for Windows 8.
  • sysdir fixes in wpi.hta.
  • Selecting Operating System improvements.
  • Core.js improvements.
  • Reverted to DHTMLx v2.6.
  • [Feature] WMI-based TimedWaitForProgram.
  • Fixed "Read Me" window size.