With StudioLine Photo Basic you get a software package that includes many functions of StudioLine Photo Classic, including dual-monitor support and automatic updates. StudioLine Photo Basic is the free entry software for private use.


Image Editing, Descriptions and Archiving

  • A broad selection of image tools like Red Eye Removal, Auto Tone Levels or Exposure Correction is available to edit and enhance your images.
  • It only takes a few simple steps to turn a batch of photos into a slide show, publish as a gallery to the web, burn onto the CD/DVD or share with friends and family via email.

Convenient Geotagging

  • You can use the Geo Explorer to pinpoint images to the location they were taken. Exchange of the geographic information between StudioLine Photo Basic and other applications is accomplished with KML files - the native format of Google Earth.

Load Assistant

  • Quickly and easily load images from you camera, hard disk or other drives. Any files not previously loaded are automatically selected.


  • You can sort our images by any combination of descriptor values or use your mouse to hand-sort images in custom order.

Search & Replace

  • By referencing the information in Exif and IPTC tags you'll be able to locate images quickly. The information can also be used to substitute other descriptors.


  • Customize your export settings for specific application needs (e.g., slide show on your TV). Frequently needed settings can be saved and reused.

What's New

  • Fixed: Detail View or Slide Show might not open.
  • Fixed: An all-white window flashes briefly when opening Slide Show.
  • Fixed: Newly added descriptor content missing from subsequent Auto-Complete suggestions.
  • Fixed: Ability to simultaneously open Descriptor Pane and Keyword Pane restored.
  • Fixed: Program fault when loading videos larger than 400 MB.
  • Fixed: Program fault when attempting to widen the folder selection list during Export.
  • Fixed: Insufficient "disk space or memory" reported, and program faults, when attempting to optimize large JET database.
  • Fixed: MediaCenter.PLUS icons may not appear for all published files, interfering with proper synchronization.