Fast Sort – Photo Mechanic helps you quickly find your best shots. The multithreaded architecture works in the background to keep ahead of you. Images appear blazingly fast. You can view your originals full screen, compare similar shots side by side, delete the bad shots, tag photos while watching a slide show, and sort your keepers into multiple folders.

Fast Workflow – Read the images from the card, flatten the file hierarchy, apply IPTC stationery (city, state, photographer's name, copyright, etc.), create a backup on a separate disk, open a contact sheet – all in one step. Work with batches of photos to: rename; assign captions & keywords; print contact sheets and proofs; create web pages; resize & email photos.

Configure it your way – Put image meta-data to work to customize your results. Do you want to include shutter speed, aperture and caption information with your prints or web page (and sometimes the date and city, but never the time)? Rename files by photographer & state? Sort photos by city? Automatically convert the color profile for web photos so they look their best and stay small? You choose. Configure your own preferences or stay with the friendly defaults.

What's New:

  • Scalable contact sheets – zoom in to see the details or zoom out to see a lot of photos.
  • Compare the photos side by side – easily find the best of similar shots.
  • Multi-processor support – if you've got them, we use them to go faster.
  • Smart color management – chooses and sets the correct profile for supported cameras. You see colors correctly and Photoshop® doesn't have to ask questions.