The lightweight version of xplorer┬▓ is not as powerful as the professional version but it shares the same desktop browsing and file management engine, it sports dual panes and folder tabs, and gives many rival paid-for file managers a run for their money --- literally! It is a complete little file manager, albeit lacking a bit in bells and whistles.


* All-area shell namespace access
* Shell integrated with drag/drop, context menu etc
* Automatic sensing of changes in all folders (networked etc)
* Multithreaded & multi-window operation
* Folder tree panel
* Dual pane mode (browse 2 folders in one window)
* Tabbed interface
* Window layout saving and management
* Export folder information as text (for printing etc)
* Hard links (NTFS)
* Mass renaming
* Change file dates (touch)
* Find text in files
* Search for multiple keywords with boolean context

Technically speaking this free version is unsupported, but you can post your issues and questions in the appropriate forum and assistance will come your way.

The free version is for private (home) or academic (school & university) use only. You cannot use it in any commercial context, including but not limited to: corporate, office, military, government etc. All commercial users must obtain a licence for the full version.