Do you have two computers at your desk, with two screens and two sets of keyboard and mouse? Here's where Synergy comes in... Synergy is Free and Open Source Software that lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers, where each computer has its own display. No special hardware is required, just a network connection. Synergy is supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Usage is as simple as moving the mouse off the edge of your screen. You can even share your clipboard.


  • Move your mouse easily between computers
  • Requires nothing other than existing ethernet
  • Copy and paste between your computers
  • No need to press any buttons (unlike KVM)
  • You can still use multiple monitors on the same computer
  • Lock the mouse to one screen temporarily (useful for games)

Where did Synergy+ go?

Synergy+ and Synergy have now merged! We'll still be using the old synergy-plus source code repository and mailing lists (there's no reason to migrate away). A bit of history for the newcomers... Chris Schoeneman created the original version of Synergy, but temporarily stopped development in 2006. Since the demand for updates was so massive, Synergy+ was started by Sorin Sbârnea and Nick Bolton in 2009 to provide support and bug fixes. While maintaining version 1, we are also working on version 2, which will see more stable support for newer operating system versions.

Note: Ubuntu and Debian supported.