Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a nifty little application which extends the functionality of the Windows Firewall and provides quick access to the most frequent options of Windows Firewall.

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It runs in the system tray and allows user to control the native firewall easily without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the firewall. This is the best tool to manage the native firewall from Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Windows Firewall Control offers four filtering modes which can be switched with just a mouse click:

High Filtering

All outgoing connections are blocked. This setting blocks all attempts to connect to and from your computer.

Medium Filtering

Outgoing connections that do not match a rule are blocked. Only programs you allow can initiate outgoing connections.

Low Filtering

Outgoing connections that do not match a rule are allowed. You can block the programs you do not want to initiate outgoing connections.

No Filtering

Windows Firewall is turned off. Avoid using this setting unless you have another firewall running on your computer.


  • Just one small executable file. All features are packed in the same file.
  • Full support for executing tasks from standard user accounts.
  • Intuitive and easy accessible interface in the system tray.
  • Allow or block a program to connect to the internet with just one mouse click.
  • Shell integration into the right click context menu of the executable files.
  • Quick access to edit Windows Firewall rules directly from the program interface.
  • Choose if you want the program to start at user logon.
  • Import and export the policy of the program.
  • Protection to unauthorized uninstallation.
  • Possibility to restore previous settings at uninstallation.
  • Check for a new version from the program interface.
  • And many more... Just give it a try. Registered Users Features
  • Learning Mode which provides notifications for blocked outgoing connections.
  • Lock the current state of the program and Windows Firewall with password.

What's New:

  • New: Description column was added in the Manage Rules data grid and Local Addresses column into the Recently Blocked data grid. These two are initially hidden and must be enabled from the data grid header context menu.
  • New: A new checkbox was added in the Uninstall dialog to let the user choose if he wants to disable Windows Firewall logging at uninstallation.
  • New: A new confirmation dialog was added when the user presses on the Clear log button in Recently Blocked window.
  • New: Columns size is now saved when the user closes Manage Rules window and then reloaded at reopening of the view. This applies to Manage Rules and Recently Blocked.
  • Fixed: Temporary Rules that have an expiry time are deleted imediatelly after they are created on non en-US versions of Windows.
  • Fixed: "WFC - Windows Store (svchost.exe)" rule does not work as expected when the service is set to WSService. The rule was updated to properly allow the connections to Windows Store on Windows 8 machines.
  • Fixed: Notifications for "System" are displayed even if there is a block rule that denies this. "System" is not included in the rules defined for All programs.
  • Removed: Registry Editor and Command Prompt were removed from the Tools tab. The CMD window that was started from that shortcut had no scrolling bar so if the user executed a command with a large output, the window can't be scrolled up to see the results.

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