Audials can scan and record music from Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, Napster, video sharing websites and many other online sources. It does not matter whether you record form a web player or a PC software. Thanks to the fingerprint-based song recognition, Audials can save songs from almost any source as separate files.

If a streaming service is not preconfigured as a tile in the Music Streaming view, you will be able to record it by clicking the Other Source button.


Record music streaming in individual music pieces

  • Record all major streaming services
  • Highly optimized for Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Soundcloud, and many others
  • Fingerprint-based song recognition allows recording of any source
  • Support for recording via sound card and downloading
  • Records locally installed software or web-player
  • Saves individual, labeled songs

Highest quality of all recordings and downloads

  • Recording: Exact clipping at start and end of song, no post-processing required
  • Recording: Support for optimal recording level, including level meter, dialog instructions, auto-detection and much more
  • Downloading: Automatic selection of the best audio track
  • Loss-free recording or direct download for optimum quality, depending on the source

Save music quickly

  • Downloading: Super fast, as only the audio track is loaded
  • Recording: Makes players such as Spotify playback twice at 5x the speed, thus reaching 10x the speed
  • Processing of any number of downloads in parallel
  • Instant display and availability of all finished recordings

Find and save all music

  • Searches all major music services
  • Monitors all > 100,000 radio stations in the world, finds all songs using clips
  • Structures and combines search results and shows this in the discography of the artist
  • Instantly save all songs
  • For music videos, optionally save the audio track or various video formats
  • Automatically determines the best version, offers alternate versions simply by clicking
  • Optimizes the music selection by song or music video
  • Optionally finds karaoke videos (without vocal track, but with lyrics shown)
  • Search sources can be expanded with community plug-ins

Music selection and discovery

  • Direct search for artists, songs, compilations, music genres, and radio stations with intelligent suggestions
  • Discography by albums or top hits for convenient access
  • All artists shown with photo
  • Supports compilations, samplers, and best-of albums (all songs are searched)
  • Display of best matching songs for artist, song, genre, or radio station
  • Filter by time span or popularity
  • Display of best matching artists for genre, artist example, song, radio station
  • Audials Charts - regularly provided, hand-picked best-of lists
  • Find matching compilations for genre, artist example or song example
  • More than 100 genres / musical styles, hundreds of top artists for each genre
  • "Music Zoom": Map calculated using artificial intelligence with over 300,000 artists, sorted by genre, similarity and popularity

Personalization and music tastes ("Styles")

  • Define several own music "Styles"
  • Narrow down by favoring example radio stations
  • Narrow down by favoring artists
  • Show radio station suggestions that match the style
  • Show music that matches the style (songs, artists, compilations)
  • Easy distinction with colors

Get music in the background: Music Wishes

  • Wishlist (consisting of songs, albums, artists) are automatically filled in the background (added to the music collection)
  • Simultaneously monitor tens of thousands of radio stations based on your preferred music and record the desired songs
  • Simultaneous web metasearch through all major portals such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify
  • Filter by audio file, music video, or karaoke
  • And: Identification of best studio version based on lexical analysis and comparison with discography database
  • And: Finely adjustable criteria in terms of which hits are preferably recorded automatically
  • Optionally record only radio stations that offer perfect cut quality (no post-processing required)
  • Optionally load multiple versions of a song, show only the best version (duplicate management, see the media library), subsequent swapping if necessary
  • Optional display and consideration of pre-existing versions of songs
  • Definition of strategy on how results from various sources (radio, music websites, etc.) are mixed
  • Any number of wishlists can be defined and fulfilled simultaneously
  • Access to Audials community wishlists
  • Precise job definition: Number of desired versions per song, artist, album, or overall, per data volume or time, number of simultaneous edits
  • Detailed display of progress and status of fulfilling requests for each song
  • Powerful filter prevents inadvertent recording

Get your music collection automatically (Music Bot)

  • Automatic creation of a music collection for individual music tastes
  • Definition of music taste through examples of artists and/or radio stations ("Styles")
  • Set the desired number of songs (e.g. 1000)
  • Set the structure of the music collection: Few artists with lots of songs, many artists with top hits, etc.
  • Set the content of the music collection: More like the examples, broader, etc.
  • Instant preview when settings are changed: What collection would result
  • Fully automatic creation in the background from all streaming services, websites, and radio stations
  • Detailed display of progress

Music finishing (Tags, Lyrics, Cutting)

  • Automatically sets ID3 tags and album covers for recorded tracks
  • Automatic Internet search for lyrics of recorded songs
  • Automatic classification of recordings by genre
  • Powerful in-place editor allows convenient adding of additional tags, also during recording
  • Normalization of all recordings for uniform volume
  • Optional adjustable fading (e.g. for cutting points of radio recordings)
  • Powerful audio editor allows retroactive fine tuning of radio recordings

Reads and import almost all Audio/Video files

  • Imports all major audio formats to convert (over 40 formats)
  • Also converts protected audio files by playing them and automatically re-recording them at high-speed
  • Converts protected audio books at high speed using the virtual audio CD driver
  • Optimized audio book mode with output as a single file or as individual files for each chapter
  • Imports all major video files to convert (over 45 formats)
  • Converts protected video files by playing them back and automatically re-recording them from the screen
  • Extracts audio track from the video as an audio file

Create audio and video files in all major formats

  • Export audio formats: MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, AAC, AIFF, AU and CAF
  • Export video formats: WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MKV, MOV, H.264 and H.265
  • Pre-defined universal profiles for easy configuration
  • Over 100 optimized device profiles enable optimum video output for all major device classes
  • Pre-configured profiles for all current major smartphones and gadgets
  • Optimizes files for PC, Mac, Android smartphone & tablet, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™, Xbox™ & PlayStation™ game consoles and many others

Fine-tune with individual profiles

  • Format editor enables creation of individual converter profiles
  • Adjustable bitrate settings (same as original file, exact, maximum), VBR supported
  • Adjustable frame size (same as original file, halved, exact, maximum)
  • Adjustable frame rate
  • Separate settings for audio and video tracks in video files

High-performance converter

  • Optimized for maximum video quality
  • Precise adjustment of whether to favor output quality or smaller file size
  • Supports stereo and 5.1 audio
  • Convert as many files you like at the same time
  • Batch conversion with automatic shut-down option after task completion

Copy DVD - Copy protected and unprotected DVDs

  • Reads and converts unprotected DVDs directly
  • Simple, semi-automatic selection of feature film and language
  • Copies protected DVDs by playing them back and re-recording
  • Converts any DVD to the correct format for PCs, tablets and smartphones

Convenient management/music player

  • Convenient player with playlist management functions and display of song lyrics
  • Music Universe enables visual browsing (via artist photos) of similar artists in your own collection
  • Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
  • Configured information columns for beginners and experts in media collection view
  • Automatic reloading and display of artist photos
  • High-powered search of entire media collection
  • Playlists of similar artists and genres generated automatically
  • Supports links to online videos (e.g. from Vimeo) in playlists

Video and media management

  • Manage media other than music, including movies, series, video podcasts, radio show recordings, audio podcasts and many more
  • Choose between visual display (thumbnail) and column view which displays all file properties

Edit music and video files

  • Automatic online search for missing ID3 tags and album art
  • Automatic online search for song lyrics
  • High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
  • Audio editor enables post-editing of music files
  • Ringtone editor creates ringtones from songs
  • Integrated movie search engine searches the Internet for tags for movies and TV series

High-performance data management

  • High-performance management of duplicate files. Only the best version is displayed by default - alternate versions can be shown at any time
  • Clean-up mode: find all files with multiple versions - ideal for deleting duplicates
  • Work with as many music collections as you want
  • Dual music collection' display enables flexible transfer to and from a wide variety of file locations
  • Optional display of physical file structure for the media collection
  • Flexible rule-based fine-tuned control of file names/folders for all created files
  • Flexible rule-based re-sorting of file names/folders for individual files or the entire music collection

Perfect interaction with smartphones and tablets

  • Optimized for 'filling up' Android smartphones & tablets as well as Apple iPhone™ & iPad™
  • Dual-device display enables flexible transfer to and from a wide variety of devices and file locations
  • Copying in the background, status bar displayed for devices
  • Audials Anywhere enables remote access to PC music collection (with transfer function) from an Android smartphone

Powerful import and export functions

  • Pre-configured for all major cloud services. Upload, download, synchronize, use in playlists
  • Audials Anywhere enables remote access to the media collection of another PC or smartphone (i.e. use a PC as a private media cloud)
  • Import and export playlists in .pls and m3u format
  • Burn audio and mp3 CDs and DVDs
  • Conveniently create and wirelessly upload individual ringtones for cell phones and smartphones
  • Directly export to media player software (iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player)