Minetest 5.1.0

Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like. It has been in development and use since October 2010.

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It is Free and Open Source Software, released under the LGPL, available for Windows and Linux. Minetest is developed by Perttu "celeron55" Ahola and a number of contributors.

Minetest is technically simple, stable and portable. It is lightweight enough to run on fairly old hardware. It currently runs playably on a laptop with Intel 945GM graphics. Though, as for the CPU, dualcore is recommended.


  • Walk around, dig and build in an infinite voxel world (or boxel, as reddit calls it), and craft stuff from raw materials to help you along the way. We hope to add in some survival elements, but not much really exist ATM.
  • Sinfully easy server-side modding API .
  • Multiplayer support for tens of players, via servers hosted by users
  • Voxel based dynamic lighting (quite similar to Minecraft; light up caves with torches)
  • Almost infinite world and a fairly good map generator (limited to +-31000 blocks in all directions at the moment)
  • Runs natively on Windows and Linux (C++ and Irrlicht. No Java.)


Extract the zip package somewhere. Run the executable found in the bin/ folder.

Note: Android version is in its early stages, so you can expect bugs.

What's New:

  • Add online content repository (games, mods, modpacks, texture packs)
  • Add Carpathian mapgen
  • Automatic jumping
  • Android: Rewritten controls. Add joystick and modify up on-screen buttons
  • Mods and games can be translated
  • Rename 'subgame' to 'game'
  • Modding: More node drawtypes: disconnected nodeboxes (more ways to create connected blocks), plantlike_rooted (for underwater plants)
  • Modding: Custom player collision box
  • Modding: A great deal of new map generator features

As a major release, 5.0.0 will break some mods written for 0.4.x versions. We tried to keep the breakages as small as possible whilst fixing long standing issues.

  • Minetest now uses C++11 instead of C++03, make sure you have a compatible system (Windows Vista, Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7, macOS 10.7, …)
  • Breaks network compatibility with 0.4.x. 0.4.x clients won't be able to connect to 5.x servers and vice-versa. Fix: update clients and servers to 5.x
  • Attachment and player positions have been shifted by 1 node, to allow support for custom player selection boxes. Fix: update default and player_api, add `10` to any attachment positions, shift the origin of player models to the feet
  • Formspec theming using prepended strings. This may cause wrong backgrounds to appear on formspecs. Fix: see https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20646
  • depends.txt and description.txt have been deprecated. Fix: use description, depends, and optional_depends in mod.conf, game.conf, or texture_pack.conf instead
  • modpack.txt has been deprecated. Fix: rename to or add modpack.conf.
  • Use of deprecated methods such as object:setpos() is now warned about. Fix: replace them with correct functions
  • player:get/set_attribute() is now deprecated. Fix: use player:get_meta() instead
  • nodeupdate() was removed. Fix: replace with minetest.check_for_falling.
  • Clouds API: changed speed param from 'y' to 'z'
  • Some client-side scripting functions were removed (see below)


  • Load a texture pack from the 'textures' subfolder of a game (red-001)

Map generators

  • Mapgen: Add Carpathian mapgen (Vaughan Lapsley)
  • Mapgen flags: Add 'biomes' global mapgen flag (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Add Y limits in all mapgens (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Add setting to prevent projecting dungeons (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add vertical biome blend (paramat)
  • Mgv7 floatlands: Add exponent parameter (paramat)

User interface

  • Add online content repository (mods, texture packs, mod packs, games) (rubenwardy)
  • Rename 'subgame' to 'game' (paramat)
  • Allow enter to select items from combobox's list (basicer)
  • Formspecs: Use mouse wheel to pick up and deposit single items (HybridDog)
  • Add player marker to both minimap types (nanoproject)
  • Delete world dialogue: Move buttons to avoid double click deletion (srifqi)
  • Add a refresh button to the server list (ThomasMonroe314)
  • Main menu: Change tabs to 'Start Game' and 'Join Game' (ThomasMonroe314)
  • Add password confirmation on new player registration (srifqi)
  • Adjust default console height (Ezhh)
  • Add coloured terminal output (HybridDog)
  • Add setting to display the itemstring after the tooltip in the inventory (DTA7)
  • Make world creation menu automatically generate a random world name (lisacvuk)
  • Change “Use” key name to “Special” (TeTpaAka)
  • Make number of maximum displayed chat messages configurable (Esteban)


  • Automatic jumping (bendeutsch)
  • Android: Rewritten controls. Add joystick and modify up on-screen buttons (srifqi)
  • More keys are changable in settings menu
  • Make direct item selection keys freely bindable via minetest.conf (Wuzzy)

World / server

  • Add setting for world start time, and change default to 5:15am (JRottm, paramat)
  • Allow for getting world name and path separately on the command line (Brian)
  • Add a server-sided way to remove color codes from incoming chat messages (red-001)
  • Object limits: Allow objects to exist outside the set 'mapgen limit' (paramat)

Chat commands and privileges

  • Add '/hasprivs' chat command (ClobberXD)
  • Add '/kill' chat command (Wuzzy)
  • Do not grant all privileges to the admin - changes game behavior (lhofhansl)


  • Fog effect when camera is inside cloud (bendeutsch)
  • Camera: Add and improve arm inertia (kilbith)
  • Update light decoding table size (numberZero)
  • New lighting curve (numberZero)
  • Add setting for near plane distance (basicer)
  • Add Android drivers to the video_driver drop-down menu (Wayward1)


  • Sounds: Add falling node sounds (sofar)
  • Emit liquid sound if the player walks in liquid (juhdanad)
  • Play damage sound on player death (paramat)
  • Add mute setting (toggled by the mute key and in the volume menu) (DTA7)


  • Add support for authentication in an SQLite database (bendeutsch)
  • Add an optional readonly base database (lhofhansl)
  • Add crossview support (otdav33)
  • Optionally extend the active object in a players camera direction (lhofhansl)
  • Implement ability to set client node dig prediction result (sofar)


  • Add check to pause game on lost window focus (rubenwardy)
  • Load files from subfolders in texture packs (numberZero)
  • Make HUD status messages translatable (Wuzzy)


  • Add on_mods_loaded callback (nerzhul)
  • MetaDataRef: Add contains() and get() (rubenwardy)
  • Allow dumping userdata (HybridDog)
  • Hint at problematic code when logging deprecated calls (sfan5)
  • Add minetest.rgba function that returns ColorString from RGBA or RGB values (Gael-de-Sailly)
  • World config: Add modpack descriptions (HybridDog)
  • get_node_drops: Make empty drop return empty table (tenplus1)
  • Add core.remove_detached_inventory (SmallJoker)
  • Add disable_repair group to prevent tool repair (Wuzzy)
  • clear_craft: Return false if recipe not found, don't throw error (paramat)
  • Fix string.split returning an empty table if string starts with sepearator (pyrollo)

Formspecs / HUD

  • Formspecs: Add tooltip element for area (rubenwardy)
  • Formspecs: Allow setting alpha value for the box[] element (Thomas--S)
  • Formspecs: Add an auto vertical scrollbar to the textarea (adelcoding1)
  • Formspecs: Add options to set background color and opacity (fullscreen mode + default mode) (nerzhul)
  • Formspecs: textarea with scrollbar improvements (adrido)
  • HUD: Make hud_get return alignment, offset and size. (lisacvuk)

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