We believe in a world where remote connections are unified, security is strong but manageable and team work is achievable. With its user friendly interface, Remote Desktop Manager is the answer.

Our integrated technologies include the following: Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, VPN, Citrix, HTTP, FTP, LogMeIn, TeamViewer and more.

What's New:

  • Accelerated scrolling while selecting in Terminal
  • Added an option to render html in plain text for secure note
  • Added configurable delay for VPN setting "Go online on disconnect"
  • Added Inspect option (dev mode) for embedded Chrome browser
  • Added more debug logs when migrating the data
  • Added option to change the server type in SFTP and SCP
  • Added regex to advanced search
  • Added support for customizable Advanced UI menus
  • Added support for entries in folders with variables for DWL
  • Added support for multiple Wayk Den connections
  • Added the possibility to customize the default entry image color
  • Added the support for every URL matching type in DWL
  • Allow users to automate data source creation via .cfg using simple Base64 encoding
  • Improved detection of involuntary disconnections in Terminal
  • Improved display performance and improved resizing look and feel in Terminal
  • Improved integrate of Wayk Den & Wayk Now authentication
  • Improved scroll wheel support in Terminal
  • Improved View Password with Domain and OTP fields to only appear if value isn't empty
  • Modified the "Last modified" column in the password usage report to properly reflect the password status instead of the entire entry
  • Resolved possible issue with "Remove Duplicates" in Data Source Diagnostic > Duplicate Folders
  • Simplified Wayk connection mode settings
  • Updated AWS library and added new regions


  • Fixed a bug where opening a vpn linked to a session in "manual" mode would prevent the actual session to also be opened
  • Fixed a few issues introduced with the recent changes made to the "Run as" credentials in command line sessions
  • Fixed a possible RDM focus lost issue when opening a dialog
  • Fixed alt + double click crash in Terminal
  • Fixed an access denied error when executing a macro on an opened session
  • Fixed an issue where batch edit while offline clears the properties of entries
  • Fixed downloading folder with native SCP
  • Fixed GDI leaks in VNC, VMRC and Wayk caused by cursor changes
  • Fixed issue where a document "Stored in database" would stop the duplication of a folder
  • Fixed issue with the "Duplicate" action not being visible on a folder when there is only a document stored in database inside the folder
  • Fixed multiple prompt from after connect macro
  • Fixed RunAs from credential repository in command line session not enabled on RDM Free
  • Fixed sessions not opening with return key in the filter prompt dialog