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Mac Serial number: 1033-0415-6162-2671-3431-0993

Adobe Creative Suite 2 is the next generation upgrade to Adobe’s creative professional software. It’s a uni-fied design environment that combines full new versions of Adobe Photoshop® CS2, Illustrator CS2, InDesign CS2, GoLive® CS2, and Acrobat® 7.0 Professional software with enhanced Version Cue® CS2 file manager, new Adobe Bridge visual file browser, and new Adobe Stock Photos. New features also include the ability to manage color settings centrally and common Adobe PDF settings. Delivering the next level of integration in creative software, Adobe Creative Suite 2 enables you to realize your ideas anywhere—in print, on the Web, or on mobile devices.

This powerful new release introduces innovative new CSS layout tools, a rich environment for mobile content development based on open standards, and tighter integration with other components of the Adobe Creative Suite 2. GoLive CS2 unlocks the power of CSS with intuitive visual tools: Now you can drag and drop pre-built CSS layouts into web pages to quickly build sophisticated sites that are more visually interesting, leaner in size, and easier to search and maintain. It delivers comprehensive tools based on open standards for authoring layouts (CSS, XHTML), multimedia/interactivity (SVG, SVG Tiny, MMS, SMIL), and video (3GPP, MPEG-4) for mobile devices. And it integrates more tightly with Adobe Illustrator® CS2 to produce mobile-ready SVG-t content, as well as with Adobe InDesign® CS2 to jumpstart websites by automatically generating XHTML pages from an InDesign Package for GoLive. Adobe GoLive CS2 also expands its renowned site management capabilities with support for transferring files through Secure FTP and WebDAV via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Secure Sockets Shell (SSH). With GoLive CS2, you can take your content to the Web or to mobile devices more easily and effectively than ever.

Features for visual CSS design:

Pre-built CSS objects Easily recreate a variety of popular CSS layouts, such as the three column layout with a liquid center, using pre-built, drag-and-drop CSS objects. This process is more visual and less arduous than previous workflows for CSS design. (These CSS objects are extensible as well.)

New Layer and Grid Text Box tools Interactively draw, size, position, and overlap layers using the new Layer tool, which produces lean CSS code by default. Quickly draw text boxes onscreen with the new Grid Text Box tool.

Enhanced Layout Grid, Layout Text Box, and Layer objects Insert the popular Layout Grid, Layout Text Box, and Layer objects, which now produce CSS code by default, into your Web pages. Switch the Layout Grid and Layout Text Box back to table-based code easily if the need arises.

Enhanced CSS Editor Check out how your CSS styles affect your layout using the new visual preview in the CSS Editor.

Additional Adobe-standard tools for easier CSS layout, including Standard Editing, Object Selection, Zoom, Hand, and Eyedropper tools Select CSS DIVs and the text or image content of those DIVs more easily than you can today, using the new Standard Editing and Object Selection tools. Zoom into a 1600% view of your layouts to precisely modify and align elements, then adjust your view with the Hand tool. Quickly sample colors to use in your websites with the new Eyedropper tool.

For mobile design:

Visual SVG Editor View, select, and add interactivity to layers in SVG Tiny files using a groundbreaking new visual SVG Editor. Then deploy these SVG Tiny graphics to mobile devices that support SVG-t.

MMS Editor Create MMS slideshows using a wide variety of content, including images, text, video, audio, and SVG Tiny animations more easily than ever with the new MMS Editor (enhanced for the Windows version of GoLive CS2). Preview how these slideshows look in popular phone skins from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Small Screen Rendering Use the new Small Screen Rendering feature to preview how CSS and other mobile content will appear on small screens in mobile devices. This feature uses an embedded version of the standards-compliant Opera browser, which ships on many mobile devices today.

For Adobe integration:

Ability to export packages from InDesign CS2 to HTML directly Open an InDesign package in Adobe GoLive CS2 and export it directly to HTML (GoLive saves out XHTML pages) to jumpstart your Web designs.

Smart favorite icons Create smart versions of favorite icons as easily as you create smart objects in GoLive. Other important features

Collaborative asset management Manage Web assets collaboratively using Perforce, CVS, Local Directory System, or the Version Cue CS2 file manager in Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Enhanced file transfer Transfer files to your publish server through Secure FTP and WebDAV via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Secure Sockets Shell (SSH).