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Sigil 0.9.8

Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor with the following features.

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4.5 32 votes


  • Free and open source software under GPLv3
  • Multi-platform: runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Full UTF-16 support
  • Full EPUB 2 spec support
  • Multiple Views: Book View, Code View and Preview View
  • WYSIWYG editing in Book View
  • Complete control over directly editing EPUB syntax in Code View
  • Table of Contents generator with multi-level heading support
  • Metadata editor with full support for all possible metadata entries (more than 200) with full descriptions for each
  • User interface translated into many languages
  • Spell checking with default and user configurable dictionaries
  • Full Regular Expression (PCRE) support for Find & Replace
  • Supports import of EPUB and HTML files, images, and style sheets,
  • Documents can be validated for EPUB compliance with the integrated FlightCrew EPUB validator
  • Embedded HTML Tidy: all imported files have their formatting corrected, and your editing can be optionally cleaned

What's New:


  • Make sure when new empty epub3’s are created that the toc does not use a doctype (Issue #250)
  • Make GetUniqueFilenameVersion work even on Case-Insensitive filesystems (Issue #247)
  • Properly urlencode/decode all hrefs in plugin’s ResultXML in launcher/PluginRunner to prevent parse errors
  • Enable Basic Cut Copy Paste Icons/Actions in OPF, NCX, XML, SVG, and other Misc Text Tabs
  • Add proper detection for minimum service pack requirements in Windows installer
  • Include workaround for bug in KDE Qt5 plugin on Linux that keep plugins from launching from menu
  • Prevent splitting Section0001.xhtml (Split at Cursor) needlessly rewrite the file’s manifest id with a uuid
  • Fix issue where merging files when non-xhtml tabs were open was causing Python errors or crashes
  • Fix segfault in Image Reports when deleting unused image files
  • Fix bug in prettyprint_xhtml in sigil_bs4 (put back inadvertently dropped is_void_tag routine)
  • Fix gumbo serialize to better handle injected newlines
  • Harden bundled Python isolation on Windows and add subset of PyQt5 to bundled modules
  • Harden plugin interface code to properly unquote/quote hrefs
  • Stop Sigil from nagging about unsupported mimetypes when epubs with Adobe xpgt page-templates are opened
  • Fix Book Browser highlighting issue when editable XML files from the “Misc” folder are opened
  • Pull upstream bug fixes from google’s gumbo parser for Sigil
  • Force formatting buttons in BookView to generate inline-styled spans instead of “strike”, “b”, etc
  • Fix bug from deprecated use of jquery $.browser.msie introduced when jQuery was updated
  • Fix temp folder specification on Windows systems that delete the system temp folder for every login (Issue #285)
  • Fix typos in metadata descriptions to allow better translations

New Features

  • New preference setting (Appearance section) which allows user to adjust the size of the main menu icons
  • Add manifest properties to Book Browser tooltips and to All Files Reports Widget for epub3
  • Make Sigil’s UI and spellchecker language settings available to plugins
  • Add support for PyQt5 for plugin gui widgets
  • Internal builds now use Qt 5.6.2 with Webkit added back
  • Windows structural changes to eliminate file duplication and to accommodate PyQt5 requirements
  • Update all build it yourself from source documentation for new requirements