Thinix RetroUI™ Pro is easy to use software that allows you to skip the Start screen in Windows 8, brings back the start button and start menu, makes the taskbar visible from the Start screen, allows you to resize Windows Store apps, allows you to block Windows HotCorners, and includes TabletView. RetroUI Pro makes Windows 8 far easier to use with features like allowing users to press the Windows key to return to the classic Windows desktop at any time. Multiple display users can easily span Windows 8 Apps across more than one monitor.

Easy to Install, Fun to use

RetroUI is designed to be easy to install and fun to use. It's designed to bring back the features and functionality users are accustomed to from Windows XP, and Windows 7, but also allow users to fully utilize the security, Apps and other great features of Windows 8. To make it easy to learn how RetroUI works, we have an on-line tutorial available here: Getting Acquainted with RetroUI Pro

RetroUI Start Menu

RetroUI not only brings back the Start menu, we've enhanced it! The new touch-friendly design works as well with a finger as it does with a mouse, and brings back all the functions you have used in previous versions of Windows. But it doesn't stop there - our reimagined start menu allows you to pin applications and save them as touch-friendly buttons. It also has integrated Windows 8 features allowing you to easily; return to the Windows 8 (Metro) Start Screen, open the Charms Bar, Search, and open Task Switcher (so you can quickly toggle to any running classic Windows application or Windows 8 (Metro) App.

Skip Metro

With Windows 8, Microsoft replaced the traditional desktop and concept of the Start Menu with a full-screen 'Start Screen'. Normally when you login to a computer running Windows 8, this is the first thing you see. Thinix RetroUI™ allows users to bypass the Windows 8 Start screen (Metro UI) and automatically return to a classic Windows desktop* after login. Users can then still return to the Windows 8 Start screen and can run Windows 8 Store (Metro) Apps. RetroUI Pro supports bypassing the Start screen from cold-boot, login from locked computer, automatic login, as well as logins over Remote Desktop (RDP) connections. With RetroUI Pro installed, users see the classic desktop at login.

Block HotCorners & Charms Bar

Windows 8 features hidden features, that are accessed by moving your mouse to the corners of the screen. These features make perfect sense for tablet PC users, but on desktops and laptops, they may not make sense or may be confusing to long-time Windows users. With RetroUI Pro, you can simply check a checkbox in the Settings application and disable the Hotcorners and Charms bar. Even with these features disabled, RetroUI allows you to fully utilize the Windows 8 desktop, run Windows 8 Apps, and use every feature of the Windows 8 computer.

RetroUI Enforce

With the patent-pending technology of RetroUI Enforce, you can now 'force' the Windows 8 Start Screen and Windows Store apps to run in a way that allows the classic desktop, taskbar, and start button to remain visible. Windows Store apps can even run inside of a resizable window! You can easily toggle between full screen and windowed mode by pressing [F12] and can run apps at any size and position you prefer. Window positions are automatically stored and recalled as you open and close Windows 8 Store (Metro) Apps. With Enforce, you take charge of Windows 8, and can easily switch back to the classic Windows desktop anytime by simply clicking the Taskbar from within any App or while the Start Screen is running. This eliminates 98% of the confusion with Windows 8, and makes it Easy & Fun!

What's New:

  • Fix Implemented a critical fix, which affected the performance of RetroUI Pro. In certain situations such as, screen mirroring, some gaming software, or conferencing (GoToMeeting) was active would result in poor frame-rates and/or choppy graphics. This issue made the screen capture erratic. This correction makes the RetroUI Start menu more responsive & fully corrects a key issue that affected system stability. For this reason, we recommend that users upgrade to this version when possible.
  • New Implemented new technology allowing RetroUI Pro to start faster from a cold boot.
  • New Users can now right click the Start button or the TabletView icon to open the RetroUI settings application.
  • Fix Corrected an issue when switching between a local user session and an RDP session where the shutdown options in the Start * menu would not refresh.
  • Update RetroUI Icon used for the Start button changed to button-style.
  • Update Windows 8 Store App technology.