If you want to know what your installation package does step by step and want to it to perform certain operations at certain times, CreateInstall is the perfect choice for you. If other installers lack features, it is highly probable that these features are already implemented or can be implemented in CreateInstall. Even if your requirements for your installation packages change, CreateInstall can handle these changes.

CreateInstall is an installer for those who want to completely control the installation process. The entire installation process is presented as a sequence of commands. You can both use those commands that are already available and add any operations that you require. This feature of building your own installation packages makes CreateInstall an extremely powerful and flexible installer.

Using the universal Gentee programming language as your script installation language makes the features of your installation packages unlimited. Your installation packages will do only what you tell them to do. You will have complete control over the install and uninstall processes. You can modify the interface of your dialog boxes, add your own resources, graphic items, and you will also have about 100 KB of source code used in installation packages at your disposal.

Installations created with the CreateInstall installer work on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8. One of the components of the installer is the compression algorithms it uses. CreateInstall will meet the most stringent requirements here as well. You can choose between two basic compression algorithms. The first one ensures the perfect compression rate and the second one ensures a high decompression rate for files. You can use both algorithms for different groups of files in one installation package. The file compression component has many additional settings that can help you make the optimal installation package in regards to size and rate.

It is impossible to enumerate everything that you can do with CreateInstall. It is a Lego that will allow you to create and customize your installation package exactly the way you want it to be.

What's New:

  • Added:
    • Added CreateInstall Setup Extractor (Menu - Tools).
    • Command Decompress 7z file (Full version).
    • Command Replace Text (Full version).
    • Predefined variable originaluser. The name of the user, who launched the installation. If the user doesn't have administrator rights, this name is different from "username".
  • Improved:
    • Command Get Application Information. MS Access was added.
    • All Registry commands. If HKEYCURRENTUSER is specified then HKEYCURRENTUSER of original user is used.
    • New features for the command Global Environment - Set Value.
  • Fixed:
    • Some minor bugs.