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  • Click on a site in your PasswordBox or type in the URL and get instant access
  • Control auto logins on a site by site basis
  • Express login even when you have multiple user accounts for the same site
  • Safety from keystroke malware - if you don't type it, they can't steal it

Your Passwords, Everywhere

Save a password to PasswordBox and it is instantly saved to all your browsers, computers and mobile devices.

  • Syncs automatically so you always have your logins at your fingertips
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  • Free plug-in for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari

Your Legacy, Secured

Pass on your online accounts to the people you care about in case something ever happens to you. Learn more

  • You won't leave loved ones in doubt about your online assets
  • Have peace of mind. Nothing will ever be transferred before death certificate validation
  • Protect your family from legal fees and added stress
  • Add or remove your digital heirs at any time

Weak passwords are a thing of the past

For each of your online accounts, our password generator can create highly unique and secure passwords.

  • Increased online security is guaranteed with super-secure password generation
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