• Record as many streams as you want at the same time (MP3/AAC)
  • Automatically record a wishlist's song when it's playing on a stream
  • Player for streams and recorded files
  • Track splitting with silence detection
  • Function for manual cutting of saved titles
  • Tracks are named by a given pattern
  • Short songs (ads) can be skipped
  • Writing of tags to recorded files
  • Script-based postprocessing
  • Applying of effects to recorded songs (SoX)
  • Integration of different audio encoders
  • Scheduled recordings
  • Stream browser
  • Multilingual (English/German/Russian/Spanish)
  • Can be installed or used in portable mode

What's New:

After some months and much work I can finally announce the release of streamWriter 4.9!

  • Hashes are now used for automatic recordings
  • Many improvements to charts-tab (now "Title search")
  • Added "monitor mode" for streams
  • Improved statusbar
  • Other minor improvements and many bugfixes