The internet facilitates the sharing of helpful files and information, but increased sharing may expose your computer to a variety of online threats. Roboscan Internet Security uses a Dual Engine security system that provides Multi-Layer filtration for more thorough detection and deletion of online threats.

Modes of Scanning and Cleaning

  • Quick Scan
    • Quick scan checks currently operating processes and crucial system areas. It is the fastest way to detect malicious system threats.
  • Basic Scan
    • Basic scan checks all crucial system areas and frequently infected locations.
  • Advanced Scan
    • Advanced scan checks all system disks or specified folders. Compared to other scans, Advanced Scan takes more time but provides a comprehensive scanning process that detects every possible online threat.

Real-time Scan

Roboscan protects your PC 24/7 by scanning your PC system in real-time. By scanning all accessed files, web pages, email files and instant messaging software files, Roboscan's real-time scan prevents you from exposure to viruses and malware while surfing the web and protects your system and personal information.

Proactive Detection Technology : Block even unknown threats

New and unknown threats are identified and blocked using Roboscan's proactive detection technology. Roboscan analyzes suspicious files in an isolated virtual environment to detect potential threats before they occur.


Roboscan protects itself from malicious threats designed to neutralize Roboscan security features.


Firewall protects your PC from unauthorized connection attempts. Like a guard at your gate, Roboscan keeps a watchful eye on your Internet connection and protects you from potential intrusions.

PC Tune-up

PC Tune-up functions optimize your PC's performance and responsiveness by deleting unnecessary files, cleaning up Windows and Internet temporary files and managing management PC registry.

Protecting personal information

  • Shred Files
    • Allows you to permanently delete files and folders. Files deleted with this feature cannot be recovered by any restoration tool.
  • Cover My Tracks
    • Allows you to delete computer usage history, internet usage history and internet temporary files with a single click.

Quarantine and Restore Files

After analyzing the threat, Roboscan may quarantine suspicious files in a secure environment. By isolating files in this way, Roboscan eliminates your risk of infection while protecting the isolated files for potential future use or restoration.

_tial future use or restoration.

__Check System Vuls and fixes system vulnerabilities that can be used to attack and damage PC system.

Frequent updates against threats

Roboscan applies the latest virus signature database updates and Windows Security Updates to keep your system safe.

  • Windows Security Update
  • Roboscan Auto Update

Roboscan updates its virus signature database more than 5 times daily to establish the latest protection for your PC.