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Opera Developer 49.0.2711.0

This version is the bleeding edge development from Opera; features will be piloted, and may be shelved, taken back to the drawing board, or taken forward to the Opera Next stream - feature complete, but potentially buggy.

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Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn't entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.

What's New:

The RSS Reader

The work on personal news is continued. This build comes with another set of changes and improvements. As an important addition, we also bring the first version of RSS support

Even though the functionality is very limited at the moment, you can already take it for a spin. Just click on +Add sources button and paste URL into search field (for instance:https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/breaking_news.rss). Once recognized as valid source, you can add it (in case it doesn’t work for you, please post the url in comments).

Custom RSS can be read in both timeline and stacked view. However, the estimated reading time is not available for those sources.

The feature is pretty rough on the edges. But hey, this is what developer is for [🙂] We know there are the following issues and they will get addressed in upcoming updates:

Missing “Remove from my sources” button but there’s a workaround: Go to +Add sources paste the same URL and untick it.
When combined with other sources, article age is not taken properly into account and timeline gets messed up.
URL is displayed instead of RSS title (header and sidebar).

Please let us know what you think.


Maybe not as much expected as the RSS feature, but still very important – today, we are also offering Chromecast finally working in this developer version. Specifically, when you install the Google Cast extension from the store and have the special device attached to your display and operating in the same Wi-Fi network, the device should be detected and sending links should work.

Other changes

At last! We have fixed the Windows 64bit issue and today, we are offering the experimental version.
Chromium has been updated to 53.0.2783.2.

Known issues

The opera:about page sometimes freezes the browser.

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