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Opera Developer 67.0.3574.0

This version is the bleeding edge development from Opera; features will be piloted, and may be shelved, taken back to the drawing board, or taken forward to the Opera Next stream - feature complete, but potentially buggy.

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Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn't entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.

What's New:

  • CHR-7594 Add script suggesting fixups.
  • CHR-7610 Update chromium on master to 79.0.3938.0
  • DNA-76261 [Mac] Remove ViewsHostView
  • DNA-79589 [Mac] Colors refactoring – use theme instead of hardcoding colors
  • DNA-79676 Use FFmpegDemuxer to demux ADTS
  • DNA-80618 Tab’s loading circle and close button are black on dark red in private window in light mode
  • DNA-80923 [Win] Add thin borders to popups in dark mode
  • DNA-81010 Spinner takes a lot of cpu
  • DNA-81113 Check failed: !form.password_value.empty() || form.IsFederatedCredential().
  • DNA-81279 [Linux] Custom window size is not restored after restart
  • DNA-81403 Redesign and rewrite component updates
  • DNA-81494 [Mac] Snap onboarding doesn’t appear while the icon still flashes
  • DNA-81604 [Sync][Mac] Sync pop-up disappear after log-in
  • DNA-81605 [Linux] Omenu is greyed out
  • DNA-81664 Show collapsible list of trackers blocked on current site
  • DNA-81667 Make privacy popup open when turning on blocking in EasySetup
  • DNA-81695 Dark/Light theme in Private Mode looks broken
  • DNA-81697 Determine and show categories and groups
  • DNA-81699 New suggestion impression is counted when start page is hidden
  • DNA-81704 [Win] Wrong color of certificate popup OK button when system dark mode is enabled
  • DNA-81707 [Win] VPN popup looks weird in dark mode
  • DNA-81721 Add tests for expanded trackers’ section
  • DNA-81730 Whitelist Google Analytics on olist.ng for tracker blocking
  • DNA-81740 Clean BUILD_SNAPCRAFT_DIR when it could be corrupted
  • DNA-81752 First item keeps ‘selected’ font color when different item is selected
  • DNA-81794 ‘Heart’ popup is affected by PageZoom in Settings
  • DNA-81799 Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel does not change the scale on the Speed Dial
  • DNA-81838 [Mac] Location of ui::ET_MOUSE_EXITED event is always within window bounds
  • DNA-81848 ContinueShoppingOn*.*, CheckThatGivenUserLocation.*, VerifyThatDifferentSitesHasCorrectAffiliatedTag.*, VerifyThatOfferPage* and VerifyAffiliation* crash
  • DNA-81861 Make PageViews pinned/locked/blocked methods private
  • DNA-81867 Change default Sidebar options
  • DNA-81871 [Mac] Focus issue on address bar when opening new tabs
  • DNA-81883 URL is not shown at the bottom of the screen when hovering SD tile
  • DNA-81904 Enable #reborn-3-dropdown on all streams
  • DNA-81913 Media Session API is enabled but not supported
  • DNA-81923 DCHECK failed: agent_host == agent_host_.get().
  • DNA-81926 HistoryPanelTests.testRecentlyClosed fails
  • DNA-81927 [Mac] Implement Flow toolbar button using native UI
  • DNA-81929 RateMe doesn’t work on Speed Dials with Zen News
  • DNA-81931 [Windows] Reset button on zoom popup is light in Dark Private mode
  • DNA-81932 Privacy popup opens on whitelisted page
  • DNA-81938 Remove unused menu_controller_win.cc
  • DNA-81969 “Alitools” font in extension toolbar changes color with the mode change
  • DNA-81970 Trackers on subdomains are not properly categorized
  • DNA-81972 Do not display ‘Others’ title when we only have ‘others’
  • DNA-81978 Can’t see Disconnect license in opera://about/credits
  • DNA-81987 Traffic Annotation Auditor adaptation for Opera source code and wiki instruction
  • DNA-82003 Restore legacy path for AudioFileReader
  • DNA-82011 [Windows] White tabs, icons and text on the tab bar in Dark private mode
  • DNA-82013 Crash at opera::PageViewCollection::GetOpenerOfWebContentsAt(int)
  • DNA-82014 Wrong color of hover state of ‘delete from history’ button in dropdown
  • DNA-82018 Restore reporting startpage activeness origin
  • DNA-82019 Enable #ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere by default in developer
  • DNA-82024 DCHECK when closing a tab
  • DNA-82035 Add tests for expanded trackers’ section, part2

Known issues:

  • crash on download popup (non-Aero Windows, Linux)
  • problems with mouse coordinates on privacy protection popup, search/copy popup and feedback popup (macOS)

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