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Want to be the first to test the newest browser features? Upgrade your browser with Opera beta and Opera developer releases.

You can download the latest Stable version here and the latest Developer version here.

General Features:

  • Tab stacking
  • Mouse gestures
  • Extensions
  • Opera Turbo
  • Speed Dial
  • Opera Link
  • Password manager
  • Opera Unite
  • Zoom

Live, dynamic Speed Dial

This release furthers one of the Opera browser's most popular features, Speed Dial, with new Speed Dial extensions. In your Speed Dial, you can show live, animated content such as news feeds, the weather, a collection of your favorite photos and much more. Speed Dial extensions can also be customized to your preferences. A growing collection of Speed Dial extensions is available from our extensions catalog.

Keep your passwords in sync

Opera Link synchronizes bookmarks and other browser information across multiple computers. Opera's security has been enhanced to ensure that your passwords are kept safe in Opera Link. With this feature, it is important to ensure that your Opera Link password is strong, and the Opera browser now even helps with this.

This beta is a test version of new features in the next release. It includes known bugs and may be unstable in certain browsing conditions. It is strongly recommended that you back up your current Opera installation before installing this version.

What's New:

  • Fixed pylint and flake8 issues
  • Hacky fix for config upgrading
  • Fix dir writability check
  • Added pathlib to dependencies
  • Fixed broken documentation build
  • Fixed .dmg builder for Mojave